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Vet Appreciation: Recognizing the Support Beyond Medical Care

Lori Davidson | 04 January, 2024

            Veterinarian Appreciation for Caring for Us and Our Pets


At Pet Perennials, we recognize the pivotal role that veterinarians play in the lives of both pets and their owners. Beyond the medical care they provide, veterinarians offer unwavering emotional support throughout a pet’s journey in life, but particularly during the challenging times of pet loss. In this blog post, we celebrate and acknowledge the compassionate gestures veterinarians extend to grieving pet owners and explore meaningful ways to reciprocate this support.

The Compassionate Connection:

Veterinarians are often more than just healthcare providers; they become trusted allies, guiding pet owners through the highs and lows of their pets' lives. During the difficult decision-making process of euthanasia, the emotional support provided by vets is immeasurable. This connection goes beyond medical expertise, fostering a sense of understanding and empathy. Over the years the vets have come to care for both their human clientele as well as forming strong bonds with the pets.

Expressing Sympathy: Heartfelt Gestures:

Handwritten Sympathy Cards:

At PetPerennials.com we encourage the practice of sending handwritten cards expressing gratitude to the veterinarian and staff from the client, as well as those sent by the veterinarian and staff expressing sympathy. This personal touch not only acknowledges the veterinarian's support but also provides a tangible memento for the grieving pet owner. To the veterinarian and staff, the expression of thanks is valued, as having to help a pet cross the rainbow bridge is heartbreaking for them also.

Healing Hearts Candle Gift:

Many veterinarian offices gift the Healing Hearts candle to their clients following pet loss, available through PetPerennials.com, as a symbol of comfort and remembrance. This thoughtful gesture extends beyond words, offering solace during the grieving process.

Healing Heart Memorial Pet Loss Candle Burns on Veterinarian Waiting Room Desk Notifying Euthanasia is Occurring

Candlelight Rituals:

We want to highlight the touching tradition some veterinarians follow—lighting a candle in the waiting room to signify that a pet is being euthanized. This silent acknowledgment creates a compassionate atmosphere, signaling to other pet owners the delicate nature of the moment.

Understanding the Emotional Toll:

It is important to understand the emotional toll euthanizing a pet can take on both the pet's family and the veterinary staff. When speaking with veterinarians or their staff, we know the importance of recognizing the emotional strain veterinarians and their teams endure during these moments of profound loss.

Mutual Benefits of Sympathy Acknowledgment:

For Veterinarians and Staff:

Expressing sympathy allows veterinary professionals to connect on a deeper level with their clients, fostering a sense of trust and understanding. It acknowledges the emotional labor involved in their profession, promoting well-being among the veterinary team.

For Pet Owners:

Receiving acknowledgment and support from their veterinarian helps pet owners feel seen and heard during their grief. It fosters a sense of closure and gratitude, strengthening the bond between the pet owner and the veterinary clinic.


In celebrating and expressing appreciation of our veterinarians, let's recognize the invaluable emotional support that veterinarians provide beyond medical care. Through heartfelt gestures like handwritten cards and thoughtful gifts such as the Healing Hearts candle that they send to their clients they go above and beyond in caring for us as well as our pets. We can reciprocate the compassion they extend during difficult times by writing a note to them thanking them and their staff for their heartfelt support throughout your pet’s life, and during the time of saying goodbyes. This acknowledgment not only benefits veterinarians and their staff but the mutual support and acknowledgement brings solace and comfort to grieving pet owners, strengthening the bonds that make the veterinary-pet owner relationship truly special.

Lori is co-founder of Pet Perennials and a lifelong animal lover. She currently resides in a small lake community with her two feline companions, Snookie and Pumpkin. 

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