Why It Is Important

For many, pets are considered family and losing a loyal companion can be difficult. Have you thought about what you could do to comfort your customer or employee at the time of loss?

Often times businesses struggle with how to connect on a deeper level at times like these or how to help them celebrate other furry family milestones. Your business thrives as result of strong relationships.

No matter what type of business you run, Pet Perennials has your back!  We offer a thoughtful, convenient, and affordable Direct to Client Gift Service for times like this.

Our curated gift packages are designed to commemorate the bonds pet lovers shared with their animals, and to comfort during times of grief. Businesses appreciate the confidence they get knowing we have sent one our thoughtful packages directly to their valued customer or employee on their behalf.  

For less than $30.00, your organization can send thoughtful and heartfelt packages that include selected gift(s), a handwritten greeting card, gift wrap, and shipping costs.

Ordering is easy with an account: login, shop our catalogs for gifts and cards, and check out. We’ll have your package on its way to the recipient within in 24-48 hours.

Register for a FREE account to unlock business discounts starting on day one. Only pay for packages as you need them after that.So, are you ready to give our pawesome gift service a try?


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