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Goodwill, good for your business!

For many, pets are family and an integral part of their lives. Our gift packages help to commemorate milestones your customers and employees share with their pets like:

  • Welcoming new furry, feathered, scaled, and slithery family members
  • Celebrating pet and pet lover birthdays
  • Recognizing poignant moments like engagements, weddings, and babies
  • Offering get well wishes
  • Honoring the memory of a beloved companion
  • Recognizing customers and employees (coming in 2023)


Often businesses struggle with how to connect on a deeper level with their customers and employees. Milestones like these present a perfect opportunity to build upon these relationships. Afterall, organizations thrive because of strong client and employee relationships and “goodwill” can be the best PR for your business! REGISTER FOR GIFT PERKS

No matter the type of business you run, Pet Perennials has your back! We offer a thoughtful, convenient, and affordable way to send complete gift packages that celebrate the journey with a pet.

For less than $30.00 you are able to send a heartfelt package that includes a gift, a handwritten greeting card, gift wrap, and shipping costs.

Ordering is easy with Gift Perks: login, shop our catalogs for gifts and cards, and check out. We’ll have your package on its way to the recipient within in 24-48 hours.

REGISTER NOW for a free GIFT PERKS account to unlock business discounts starting on day one. Only pay for packages as you need them after that.

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