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Comforting Canine Companions: Thoughtful Gifts Sent from Doggy Daycare Providers

Lori Davidson | 09 January, 2024

            Doggy Daycare Providers have a Unique and Special Bond with the Pets


At Pet Perennials, we celebrate the profound connections that pets bring into our lives. Among the unsung heroes in a pet's life are the dedicated doggy daycare providers who play a vital role in our pets’ well-being. In this blog post, we'll explore the unique bond between doggy daycare providers, pets, and their families. Additionally, we'll showcase thoughtful gift ideas to express condolences during times of loss, celebrate new additions to the family, or mark special occasions like a pet's birthday.

The Special Bond:

Doggy daycare providers become extended family members for the pets they care for. The unique bond formed through daily interactions, playtime, and genuine affection is unparalleled. Recognizing and acknowledging this bond not only strengthens the relationship between the provider and the pet but also adds a personal touch to the pet care experience.

Thoughtful Gifts for Pet Loss:

  • Personalized Pet Memorial Keepsake:

Provide a personalized keepsake, such as a personalized ornament or framed photo, to commemorate the cherished memories shared with the departed pet.

Pet Loss Memorial ID Tag Photo Frame Personalize PetPerennials.com

  • Pet Loss Sympathy Gift Bundles:

Curate a thoughtful gift selection with items like a Healing Hearts Pet Memorial Candle, a heartfelt condolence card, and perhaps include a small donation in the pet's name to a local animal charity.

Healing Hearts Pet Loss Memorial Candle PetPerennials.com

  • Engraved Windchime:

A thoughtful gift, especially when you have the sail personalized with the pet’s name. The Memorial Wind Chimes for dogs or cats can serve as a lasting tribute to the pet, offering a tangible reminder of the love and care provided by both the daycare provider and the family.

Celebrating New Additions:

  • Welcome Home Bundles:

Congratulate pet parents on the adoption of a new furry family member with a package filled with pet essentials, toys, and a personalized welcome card from you (these make the perfect welcome gift for the daycare provider to send new clients). You can find a selection of toys and treats in our Mix and Match selection.

  • Clay Paw Print Keepsake Kit:

Provide a creative and memorable gift by including a paw print kit, allowing the pet parents to capture their new addition's paw print as a keepsake.

Birthday Celebrations:

  • Personalized Pet Birthday Cake:

Partner with a local pet bakery to create a personalized birthday cake for the pet, complete with their name and a special message. Need something simpler, or want to send a “cake” by mail? Try a Birthday Cake Bundle which includes a box of yummy Puppy Cake mix.

Harley and the Birthday Cake Bundle Gift for Dog Birthday Pawty PetPerennials.com

  • Interactive Toys:

Gift the birthday pet a selection of engaging toys, ensuring they have a day filled with play and joy. Send them an Ice Cream Party Bundle or select from any of our adorable Milestone Gift selections.

Importance of Acknowledgment:

Acknowledging the bond between doggy daycare providers, pets, and their families goes beyond a simple business transaction. It fosters a sense of community, trust, and genuine care. This acknowledgment not only strengthens the bond between the provider and the family but also enhances the overall well-being of the pets in their care.


As we navigate the complex world of pet care, let's not forget to celebrate the individuals who contribute to the happiness and health of our beloved pets. Thoughtful gifts from doggy daycare providers not only express sympathy during times of loss but also create lasting connections that enrich the lives of pets and their families.

Don’t forget to let them know how much you (their “hooman” clients) appreciate all they do for your pets too! Write the staff a thoughtful note to thank them for taking such good care of your pet and treat them to a Gift Card from Pet Perennials so they can select something special for their own fur baby! At Pet Perennials, we believe in honoring these special bonds that make the world of pet care truly extraordinary.

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