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Channel Partners

Through a Channel Partnership Pet Perennials connects professionals and businesses within your network to our Direct-to-Consumer Gift ordering/fulfillment platform to earn you revenue!

Referral Partners

Referral Partners help facilitate the registration of new Gift Perks orWholesaleaccounts and receive a “Finder's
Fee” for each new account. This program is perfect for:

  • Consultants or Sales Representatives
  • Corporate Franchises

Integration Partners

There are two options available that enable your Clients/Users to register for Gift Perks accounts, order and track gift packages and earn ongoing, transaction-based commission. This partnership level is perfect for software companies or organizations that use custom business software.

  • Option A: A front-end solution that provides a series of event-based URLs that once installed, trigger easy ordering through Pet Perennials Shopify store.
  • Option B: An integrated solution that leverages a server-side API so your Clients/Users can place orders within your business software.

Reach out! Together we can determine the program that suits your business so you can enable your Affilates or Users to easily order our DTC gifts and earn revenue. It’s a win-win-win!


We have created a winning combination by teaming up to make sending pet sympathy gifts to customers as easy as choosing a gift and clicking a button within Groomsoft. If you are already a Groomsoft User click the link below to watch the video. Not a User yet? Visit Groomsoft to learn more

Watch How Easy It Is!