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I've Made The Decision - Now How Do I Cope? - Part 2 Guest Blog by Marybeth Haines

Remy Bibaud | 16 January, 2018

            I've Made The Decision - Now How Do I Cope? - Part 2 Guest Blog by Marybeth Haines

The time has come. You have made your decision and now it’s time for your loving pet to transition from our physical plane to the rainbow bridge. Your body is going through what is similar to shock as it takes the next steps in saying goodbye. You can never be prepared for a moment like this. All  you can do is the best that you can. Be  gentle with yourself, be kind and know that you are doing this out of love knowing this is one of the most unselfish things you can do to honour your beloved pet.

I’m so sorry for what you are feeling right now. I know it’s hard and it’s one of the most challenging things you have ever experienced. You are not alone. As  my heart connects with yours, I’d like to share with you support and guidance.

An animals perspective: 

Having animals in my life from a very young age, I have come to learn that these pets I called friends, were actually my teachers and had many lessons to share with me. I’ve  come to learn that animals and humans are two very different species in how we sense things, handle experiences and live our lives. Humans  anticipate the future; animals are in “the now”. They  don’t’ worry about their upcoming business meeting and for the most part, remain present. A dog for example can smell things we can’t. Their  sniffing sense is much more acute and advanced than a human’s ever will be. An  animal’s instincts are beyond everything we think we know about.

When it comes to death and dying, we as humans tend to fear it. And  in the strong bonds and relationships we have with our pets, we can imagine that they feel the same way as we do. If we fear death, we automatically think out pets do as well. However in essence, do they really?

Living on a hobby farm for the first 23 years of my life, I saw many of our pets die. One thing I learned from them was that even in death, they didn’t show fear like a human would. I saw something else. I saw acceptance. I never witnessed any animal wishing they could have medication or want help from a different doctor. Those  are human emotions. These  teachers, our animal friends, have much to share and if we are open to being their student, we will learn a lifetime of knowledge just from the short time we have with them.

Understanding how an animal’s perspective of death is different than a human’s perspective does not make the loss we feel for our pet any easier. It’s  still painful and difficult and a process we must endure. It  does however change the framework of their death and I choose to believe that no matter how our loving pets leave this earth, they are now at peace and will be there waiting for us when it’s our time to pass. Just  like the rainbow bridge, our pets roam free, play and run while waiting for us to meet up once again. And  as they have no sense of time, waiting for us to re-join them will feel to them like the blink of an eye. Oh what a wondrous reunion that will be!

A letter from your pet, with love:

Dear Friend, 

I am ready to return home to a place of love. It  is my time to say goodbye and I know by the way you are acting, you are feeling very sad.


Realizing what it’s like to live a human life and experience the thoughts and emotions you confront brings me to sending you this message.


I am at peace. I understand and respect the decision you have made. Life  is about learning and I know this is huge lesson.


I want you to know that I never tired of watching you and being by your side. When  you smiled, my energy changed. It  lifted me up and that was my life, my work. And  I hope you know, I love all those things and I thank you.


The life of a human and the life of an animal are very different. We  are never here for long; it’s never long enough. I was never meant to share all of your life, only a small portion. I came when I was needed and I am leaving, as it’s my time. Death is necessary and is part of the definition of what life is all about.


You have much work to do still while you are there. And  I ask you; will you honour me and do what you can to make your life and the lives of other animals the best they can be? My  essence is of love and I thank you for the love you gave to me. That  love still lives strong.


Thank you dear friend. Until  we meet again…


The love from a pet is forever. I give thanks to the animals that have brought us together. And I share this with you in the hopes that will bring you some comfort in knowing that you are not alone. I stand beside you unconditionally.



About the writer: Marybeth Haines empowers people to make choices that promote action, personal growth and healing. She is an Author, Speaker, Consultant and Grief Specialist from Ontario, Canada. She is a wife, sister, daughter and a mother to her furry children with tails and whiskers. Marybeth is the author of The Power of Pets – 7 Effective Tools To Heal From Pet Loss, From Empty To Empowered – A Journey To Healing From Unexpected Pet Loss and I Miss My Furry Friend - My Feel Better Book With Kamilla and Magrau. In 2012, she founded the “I Believe In The Power of Pets” movement. Her focus is teaching proven step by step strategies in reinforcing the bond and connection between pets and people.

Her books are available on Amazon.com or via her website. For a limited time, Marybeth is giving away FREE copies of her book The  Power of Pets at: www.authormarybethhaines.com . There is no obligation or anything to buy when receiving this book. All that is required is a request and your book will be electronically delivered to you right away.

Pet Perennials thanks Marybeth Haines for sharing her wisdom and experience with pet loss in order to help others cope with the loss of their pets. If the information she's provided has helped you, please share with friends and visit Marybeth's website for additional information. 


PetPerennials.com is healing hearts and our land, one product at a time. 

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