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Spring Blooms - Pet Perennials & Fur Babies Remembered

Remy Bibaud | 27 February, 2018

            Spring Blooms - Pet Perennials & Fur Babies Remembered

Well spring will be here before we know it; the season of rebirth. I look forward to seeing the flowers pop and the grass greening and the sounds of gentle rain. Winter can get me down. I know lots of folks that enjoy the cold and snow and relish the feeling of rushing down snow covered slopes or gliding across fields of white on snowmobiles. Not me. I cozy up by my fire and savor the warmth of being tucked inside for a period of reflection and rest. However I'm reminded of late by my cat that enough is enough! He looks longingly out our windows at the emerging sun and melting snow awaiting the day it is warm enough to venture onto the deck. He has gone to the door every day for two weeks crying, " tomorrow"...  Yes, he really does talk to me. Honest. That is what he asks daily followed by the word, "out" as he runs to the door. He says, "tomorrow" because all winter (for a decade) that has been my answer to his request to go "out". And no... I'm not totally crazy, just a crazy cat lady. 

Today was his lucky day. The sun is out, the little lake where we reside is quiet and the snow has (for now) melted away. He wants to lay on the deck basking in sunshine, while my mind has wandered to flower shopping and gardening. I'm so looking forward to the tulips popping up in my garden and other blooms of color beginning to break through the soil. What will you do in your gardens this year? Do you plant perennials? I used to only put pots full of annuals out on my deck. That is until Pet Perennials arrived on the scene. 

I've always had a spot in my yard designated as a memorial to my past furry family members. I've used garden stones, little flags and sometimes hand painted rocks to honor the spot. Now I look forward to seeing which wildflowers will brighten my memories as they burst into blooms. It is ever changing in colors depending upon the season. Did you know our Pet Perennials kits contain 12 different pet safe perennial seeds? And the flowers bloom year after year, even though I live in a northern (very cold winter) area of the country. I also love that the flowers attract hummingbirds, butterflies and honey bees. (I hang a bird bath near the flowers every summer too.) Lots of planning going on in my head today!!

If you haven't heard of our Make it Yourself Pet Perennials Kits - or even if you have - I wanted to take a moment to share how they came to be. When my business partner and I were first talking about starting a company we considered a lot of options. But knowing we needed to feel passionate about our venture and wanting to offer products that had a purpose quickly brought us to a discussion of our pets. We both are longtime pet lovers and pet parents. She'd lost her Olive way too soon. After she'd gotten Olive's ashes returned to her she had to ask herself, "Is this all there is? It this it for such a beautiful soul?" Olive had developed organ failure and Remy had done everything possible to save her. In the end she'd cared for her at home, and Olive passed in the comfort of her own surroundings. Remy was heartbroken. We all know the feeling of pet loss. It leaves us on our knees. I'd raised two Bichons with my daughters. When the girls went off to college I was an empty nester and Arnold and Snowflake were my constant companions and filled my evenings with walks and security. But after 16 wonderful years as part of my family I sadly lost both dogs within months of each other. I remember sitting on my deck after having to make the difficult decision to put Arnold down. I cried from a place so deep inside. They were my family. So with the loss of Olive and my Bichons still so fresh in our hearts we discussed the disenfranchised grief pet loss evokes. We understand the heartache of hearing "it was just a dog or just a cat" and we wanted to do something to change things. Our talk quickly led to wondering how we might help others feeling the same pain from their loss... how we might help heal hearts. 

We began with a custom Pet Perennials product. We loved the concept of seed balls and healing the environment. And we wanted to create new life from loss, a way to incorporate the life cycle and rebirth of spirit as it transitions in form, to celebrate the memories not simply mourn the loss. We began creating planting wafers for folks by melding some of their pets ashes into our special matrix, mixed with a pet safe selection of perennial seeds. The resulting seed wafers could be dropped onto the soil to easily seed a memorial garden - a living memory to the pets. However it didn't take us long to realize the act of creating the wafers was healing in itself. From this our kits came into being. What a unique activity for families struggling with the loss of a beloved pet to do together, and a loving way to explain death, and the cycle of life to their young children.  Each of our kits contains everything required to create 12-14 seed wafers in the shapes of hearts and paws. The family can add a small portion of the pets ash during the process if they choose, but it certainly isn't required. And it is as simple as making a batch of cookies. Once the wafers dry overnight they may be used to seed a memorial garden, placed onto the soil in pots or window boxes, or scattered along a favorite walking or riding path. The resulting wildflowers will become a symbol of their pet's journey across the rainbow bridge as they bloom for years to come. 

If you're thinking of something different to do this year in your garden, consider taking a small corner and honoring the memory of a beloved pet. Even if you've already started a memorial garden, you can add to it, or scatter the wafers along a favorite path. Who isn't looking forward to the blooms of spring? Who isn't ready for spring? 

We know not everyone is a gardener. And we understand everyone doesn't have yard or deck space for planting. And some of us wish to help a friend who is grieving. We heard you and so Pet Perennials created the Healing Hearts candle - the only pet memorial candle that reveals a keepsake heart shaped stone as it melts away. Each stone offers a unique message from a pet and has special healing properties. There are ten unique stones randomly embedded at the time of the pour.  I love the smell of lavender and chamomile, as they also remind me of spring - soothing the needs of the heart. 

Today we release our newest product, the Rainbow Bridge Pet Memory Mug. Spring seemed the appropriate time to do so. I love sitting by my window or on my deck sipping my morning coffee or relaxing each evening listening to the birds chirping over a cup of herbal tea. Don't you? If so, make your pet's memory a part of your daily routine. 

Do you know someone that is missing a beloved pet? Consider gifting the bundle - they'll receive a beautiful mug with our artwork depicting a rainbow with paw prints moving through the clouds,. And you'll choose either a selection of loose leaf tea - our "Unwind" selection - or a package of our breakfast blend coffee - our "Morning Edition selection. And as always when gifting from Pet Perennials offerings, we will include a handwritten message from you on one of our unique sympathy cards.


So as we move into spring, whose memory will you celebrate? Whose pet will you remember? Pets are our fur-ever family. 

Pet Perennials is healing hearts and our land, one product at a time. 



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