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A Dad and His Dog: August and The Dog Days of Summer Continue

Remy Bibaud | 04 August, 2020

            Dog Days of Summer Credit to funnydogsite.com

The Dog Days of Summer Continue! by Dog Dad Zach Manko

August is here, and many areas are experiencing a release from the sultry heat wave that gripped the nation. While such hot, uncomfortable periods are often referred to as the “dog days of summer”, Sorsha and I never cared for the association of such unpleasantness with our good canine friends.

Therefore, we’d like to suggest August as a month to make some new connotations for “dog day” and other dog phrases. Enjoy some of the following tips and tidbits to fill this month with some dog days you won’t soon forget.


National Lazy Day

Speaking of dog associations, ever hear of “lazy dog”? Now’s your chance to find out, and your canine can even join you! On August 10th, get ready to celebrate National Lazy Day properly by kicking back like you mean it. Grab the remote, find your favorite chair, relax, and give your dog a head scratch. It’s a great way to relax in style.

If you’re feeling a bit more ambitious in your laziness, Sorsha and I will be having a snoring contest - may the loudest one win.


Back to School?

With all the confusion and uproar from the coronavirus, many school districts are still unsure of how they will be handling their reopening (or whether they will reopen at all). During this kerfuffle, many parents are opting to do homeschooling, cyber school, or a charter school.

This means that many family pets will get to spend extra time with their favorite small companions. This can be a boon for both child and canine. In fact, dogs can even be a teaching tool.

For kids that are old enough and emotionally mature enough, taking care of a pet’s basic needs (like feeding it and making sure it has water) teaches responsibility and guardianship. Caring for the family pet is also a great opening point to talk about basic animal biology. Who knew Sorsha could be a science teacher?


For Dogs Too

While dogs make good instructional aids and teachers, they can also be good students. A break in the weather is the perfect reason to get outside and teach your pet some new tricks (whether they are old or not). Previously, many areas had facilities that offered dog classes or group training sessions. Arrangements like these may not be an option for the time being, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t learn a thing or too.

There are many options for learning dog training tips and tricks online. Check out some training videos so you can perfect your pooch on your own. Still need a helping paw? Many trainers are willing to come to you and can provide personalized sessions in the safety and comfort of your own backyard.


It’s Not All Sleep and School

Before you settle into some serious relaxation or some school lessons, get ready for one more dog association. This time we’re talking about the phrase “work like a dog”. Our canine companions are wonderful creatures and revered the world over for their loyalty and work ethic.

On August 5th, get ready to show how much you appreciate them with the best form of flattery - imitation! Put your nose to the grindstone and give it your all. Hard work can make you feel more accomplished, and proud about what you’ve done - and will make all that relaxation with Fido all the more pleasant!

So remember, whether you’re working, learning, or playing this August, do it like a dog!

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