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Adopted Poodles Inspire Owner to Become the Dogfather of Mobile Grooming

Remy Bibaud | 11 August, 2020

            Adopted Poodles Inspire Owner to Become the Dogfather of Mobile Grooming

Pet Inspirations: Matt Harwood of Dogfather Mobile Grooming

Please tell us about your company and what role(s) you play.

My name is Matthew Harwood. I am the owner and founder of Dogfather Mobile Grooming – a mobile grooming service for pets! I was born and raised in Killingworth, Connecticut.

How and when did you start your business? Was it inspired by a pet?

My introduction into the grooming world started in 2005 when I adopted two loving poodles, Vader and Lulu. The love for these animals led me to explore my talents in grooming. Yes, they inspired me and I am grateful to them each and every day. While in grooming school, my success as a student paved the way for me to become one of the school’s most valued facilitators. Soon after, the idea of starting a mobile service company became very exciting and I went for it! 

How does your business help other pet lovers like you?

I would like people to know that first and foremost, we care about animals. Each and every groomer has a passion for animals and customer service is our top priority. We also love providing our clients with the convenience of mobile grooming. What is great about mobile grooming is that we come right to you. We help clients and pets eliminate the stress some have when riding in a car, or going to a grooming salon. Although going to a salon works great for many, there are simply some pets that aren’t able to handle the stress and get anxious. We always want to be sure each pet has the most comfortable experience. In addition,each pet gets their own personalized grooming and over time, with the more visits we have to our same clients, they truly become family. 

What makes your business or brand unique?

What makes us unique is the convenience we offer, partnered with such a great grooming team. I can honestly say that everyone feels rewarded at the end of each day. We have a wonderful team that all feel passionately about this business which makes for an exceptional company.

Being mobile offers many advantages but like any business, there are days when things can go wrong. We deal with a lot of road traffic, unexpected delays and sometimes issues with our vans. Just like your car, sometimes there are things that fail and we need to always be sure we allow enough time for unexpected traffic and are proactive with van maintenance to avoid potential problems. 

What cool things are you/your business working on that you would like to share? New product or service? Podcast or training series?

After 14+ years as a Mobile Grooming company, we have opened a Pet Grooming Salon in Meriden, CT and soon in Stratford, CT. We also have 13 mobile grooming vehicles on the road today. 

What qualities have made you successful or do you feel are important for inspiring leaders?

My best advice for aspiring groomers is that the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you love animals and want to feel rewarded at the end of the day, knowing you have made a difference in their lives, then go for it!  Don't settle, because life is too short to be doing a job you are not passionate about every day. 

Where can someone get more information about your business?

Visit us for more details about our business and services at www.dogfathergrooming.com

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