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Pet Loss Sympathy Card & Memorial Decal

A pet may leave our lives, but they never leave our hearts.

Losing a pet can be an incredibly difficult experience to endure. After all, our animal companions become more than just pets - they become cherished members of our families.

If you know someone going through this kind of heartbreak, you may wonder how you can help them through this tough time. Offer them comfort and support with a Pet Loss Card and Memorial Decal combo from Pet Perennials.

Our sympathy cards honoring the loss of a pet is a thoughtful and caring way to show someone you're there for them. 

🕯️ Thoughtful Card Designs:We offer a variety of sympathy cards to choose from that can be personalized with your heartfelt message. We'll even handwrite the message for you and mail it directly to the recipient, making it easy to send your condolences.

🌈 Vibrant Decal: In addition to the sympathy card of your choice you get to select one from an assortment of memorial decals to serve as a lasting tribute to the cherished pet. The vinyl decal can be placed on a car window laptop, drink tumbler or any smooth surface as a daily reminder of a cherished companion.

Losing a beloved pet is a heart-wrenching experience, and it can feel like a piece of your family is missing. Receiving a card at this time is comforting to someone that is grieving.

Add one to your cart now and have your personal condolences delivered directly to your fellow fur parents who are mourning.

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