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Pet Perennials Memorial Garden Kit for Horses

Plant a beautiful and everlasting memory garden for a beloved riding companion.

Losing a beloved horse can be a challenging and emotional experience. At Pet Perennials, we understand the importance of keeping the memory of our favorite riding companions alive. That is why we've created one of the best pet sympathy gifts. Our Pet Memorial Garden kit has a new look, but it's the same fantastic product that launched our business!

🌺 A Beautiful Memory Garden:Our kit allows you to create a blooming and lasting memorial wildflower garden in honor of a horse.

🌼 Living Tribute:With only water, sunshine, and love, you can grow beautiful flowers that bloom for year after year and serve as a living tribute.

🌻 Custom Keepsake: Our DIY kit includes everything you need to create beautiful lasting memorial flowers including the tools you need to craft seed wafers in the shape of hearts and horses. You can mix a small portion of your horse's cremated remains in to the mixture when making your custom seed wafers.

🦋 Pollinator Wildflower Mix: Our kit contains 16 species of annual and perennial seeds, including the "Pollinator" wildflower mix. Each of the flower species can grow in all regions of North America.

🐾 A Family Activity: You can enjoy this craft with your loved ones, making it a special time for everyone as you reminisce about beautiful memories shared with your horse, while also creating new ones. 

🌸 Eco-Friendly: Our kit includes seed species that attract honeybees, butterflies and hummingbirds, making it an environmentally conscious tribute to your furry companion. The flowers that bloom are pet safe too!

🎁 Gift Bundle: Add extra warmth to your memorial gift by wrapping it in beautiful paper, and adding a personal note of sympathy.

We know how much your horse meant to you and how important it is to find ways to keep their memory alive. Crafting a beautiful pet memorial garden with your family can be comforting and healing.

So order now and let their memory bloom forever.

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