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Ambassador Agreement Terms


By completing the online Ambassador Registration form, you agree to the terms of the Pet Perennials Ambassador Agreement below. This agreement is made between Cherished Ones LLC dba Pet Perennials, herein referred to as PP and the Brand Ambassador named on the Registration form completed.

Terms of Agreement– There is no guarantee or contract, actual or implied, as to the actual length of the engagement as a Brand Ambassador. PP may choose to terminate the program at any time. There is no binding terms of service from the Ambassador/registrant. The Ambassador may choose to withdraw from the program at any time by not performing future tasks.


Description- The Brand Ambassador represents PP for the purpose of referring/registering new Gift Service Accounts. Businesses may sign up for our Gift Service program by completing a Gift Service registration form and denoting the Brand Ambassador’s name on the form submitted. A flat commission of $20.00 will be paid for each new Gift Service customer referred by the Brand Ambassador.

The Brand Ambassador will perform these tasks according to their own time/schedule. They only will be paid commission for business referrals that actually register for Gift Service account and are paid out based on the following:

  • A one-time commission for each Gift Service account will be executed when the new account places their first gift package order. Commission owed to the Brand Ambassador will be accumulated for new accounts/first orders and paid monthly.

Expectations- Brand Ambassadors will represent themselves professionally at all times, while performing outreach for PP. Any and all information/materials provided by PP for the purpose of outreach are property of PP.


Brand Ambassador agrees to treat "Confidential Information" as confidential to and as the property of PP and to use the same degree of care which it uses with respect to its own information of like nature which, in any case, will not be less than a reasonable standard of care, to prevent disclosure of the Confidential Information. Brand Ambassador will not disclose to any third Party any Confidential Information at any time except to Brand Ambassador's referrals who have a need to know for the purpose of carrying out the intention described above.

For the purposes of this Agreement, “Confidential Information” means any business or technical information, whether or not stored in any medium, relating to PP's business and those of its suppliers and customers including, but not limited to, equipment, software, designs, technology, technical documentation, product or service specifications or strategies, marketing plans, pricing information, financial information, information relating to existing, previous and potential suppliers, customers and contracts, inventions, applications, methodologies and other know-how which is identified as Confidential Information at the time of disclosure or that a reasonable person would consider, from the nature of the information and circumstances of disclosure, is Confidential Information. Such Confidential Information includes original information supplied by PP.

Brand Ambassador will use "Confidential Information" only for the purposes of the Agreement discussions with referrers. For greater certainty, Brand Ambassador shall not use or modify Confidential Information as the basis for the design or creation of any other product, technology or information or use any of the Confidential Information to compete against PP or use the Confidential Information in any manner which might be detrimental to PP or allow any third Party to do any of the foregoing. Brand Ambassador will not copy or reproduce Confidential Information except as reasonably required for the purposes contemplated in this Agreement, and will ensure that any confidentiality or other proprietary rights notices on the Confidential Information are reproduced on any and all such copies. Confidential Information will be held in trust by Brand Ambassador for PP.