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Customers Benefit from Sending Pet Memorial Gifts & Pet Sympathy Cards

Pet Perennials mission is to heal hearts and our land, one package at a time with unique and thoughtful pet sympathy gifts. Without our amazing customers we wouldn’t be able to meet this mission.  Their desire to want to help someone with a broken heart is where the thoughtfulness truly begins. We are grateful for each and every one of them. The comfort that our packages bring to someone dealing with pet loss is why we do what we do! See what some of our amazing customers have to say about their experience.


Zippity Dog Dos

Christine Lewis

5 stars. I am owner groomer of Zippity Dog Do's and I think this is such an amazing service and the clients that I have sent these gifts to luv the thoughtfulness in the time of losing the cherished fur baby. Clients tell me that the stone in the candle they carry with them daily as a reminder of their precious fur family member. I can’t say enough how great this service is to be able to get this gift out so quickly in the time of loss. Everyone should use pet perennials they are the best!!

Greenfield Grooming

5 stars. We are a small, neighborhood grooming salon and we have been using Pet Perennials for over 2 years now and love it! They are very personable and always deliver to 100% of our and our clients expectations


Happy Tails Mobile Dog Grooming

Rebecca Meighan

It has been such a pleasure to work with Pet Perennials! They are truly a warm, caring company that fills a niche for my mobile dog grooming business.  Losing a beloved pet is extremely difficult. I love that I can quickly send a grieving client a special memento and caring note to help them commemorate the life of their pet and the love they shared for them.  My clients are touched and amazed that they are remembered by me in this manner.   Pet Perennials is extremely responsive to my requests and very easy to communicate with. I am beyond impressed with them! 5 stars and my continued business. Thank you for filling a void in the pet service industry!

Dog Friendly Grooms

Sandra Gonzalez

My client who lost Angelique absolutely LOVED the crystal suncatcher and so do I; she brought it into the shop to show me how she had personalized it for her dog and I was very impressed with the quality.  I usually order the candles since I saw those at Groom Expo when I signed up, but I thought I'd try this new item since this particular client has in interest in spiritual healing. I'm so glad I did!  It's important to me and my brand to provide and display quality in everything we do, and your company is a great addition to that ethic. Thank you again for your wonderful service.  I'm sure you know how welcomed it is when you run a small business to have the little things handled perfectly when you can't take the time to do it yourself.

ShamPoochies Grooming Spa

Jackie Pavlinic

5 stars. One of the hardest things is losing a pet. As groomers we also feel the loss and are always heartbroken when one of our fur-babies crosses the rainbow bridge. We have used Pet Perennials for about a year and love their service. Our clients also love it! They always call to tell us how appreciative they are to have received such a beautiful and thoughtful gift, which in turn gives us a moment to share a happy memory with them about their furry angel! Highly recommend this service! It’s super easy to use and gives our grooming salon that extra edge over our competition! Thank you ladies. You’re the best! Jackie & Paula ShamPoochies Grooming Spa Youngstown, Ohio

The Pet Spa at Barkley Square 

Kristina Robertson 

My experience has been amazing. As a pet professional, I see a lot of loss. Pets age out, get some unfair disease, or get caught in a terrible accident, so many different reasons my clients may lose their best furry friend. Finding Pet Perennials has been so rewarding for me to have something so special and meaningful to give to my clients when they are hurting. Thank you Pet Perennials for your love and dedication to those that are sad and burdened. You brighten their moment.


Amber’s Pampered Pets

Amber Clay

This service has been absolutely amazing at helping me maintain a personal touch with my pet sitting business! I am super busy and it’s so easy to email them the information needed and trust that a heartfelt gift and my sentiments are delivered to the client quickly. I highly recommend!

Top Dog Pet Sitter

Christina Walker

Pet Perennials has a wide variety of affordable sympathy gifts and ship out fast! Our company utilizes the Gift Package Service which have been such an invaluable service! The ease of ordering and selection allows us to customize a gift and card to each of our clients that has lost their beloved pet! Most of our time is spent on the road out caring for pets so this service has allowed us to give that personal touch and thoughtful gift at a sensitive time! Pet Perennials has amazing customer service and is such a blessing!

Sit.Stay. Grow.

Susan Deisher

I am very pleased with this service! It gives me an opportunity to express my grief when a pet passes and also to promote pollinators,; Two things that are important to me in a one-stop shop. I don’t have to spend time looking for just the right card and gift. Pet Perennials has done the work for me! 5 Stars.

East Paws Pet Services

Eleanor McCoy

I am very pleased with this service. As the owner of a pet sitting company sometimes our clients pass away. I have sent the candle and card to my clients who are mourning the loss of their beloved pet. I always get a response and they are always so thankful for the thoughtfulness. It is never easy to lose a pet but this has made a big difference for us to let our clients know we care. Thank you!

Canine Country Club

Dashia Stauffer

Pet Perennials has been a great resource for us and we are so glad we found them! Ordering is always simple, and everything ships within a day. The price point is very affordable which allows us to gift these products to a wider selection of clients who have experienced the loss of a pet. We would certainly give them 5 stars! 

Jenn’s Pet TLC

Jenn Hodges

5 Stars for sure!! We love the option of gifts. Not every client is the same and the options are great to provide the gift that will mean the most to our clients during such a difficult time.

We are super busy and have little time to shop for lovely gifts, and I never know what to say to clients when they are dealing with loss. Pet Perennials makes it so easy for us to send meaningful gifts and hand written cards to our clients. We have heard so many heartwarming thanks you's from our clients who have received these wonderful gifts. We can request gifts late at night or first thing in the morning or whenever and know that our clients will receive their gifts in a few days. Thank you so much for providing us busy pet sitters with a meaningful way to support our clients with love and compassion during their most difficult times. 

Fur Services Fur Pets

Jessica and Chris Smith

Using Pet Perennials has become a tremendous asset to our business. We are a busy pet care company that provides in-home pet services. It is devastating when our clients send their pets over the Rainbow Bridge and we have always wanted to do something to show our love for their pet, our recognition of their loss and our support of their time and need to grieve. Pet Perennials allows us to completely customize gifts to our clients - including personalized cards! We can choose the Pet Perennials Kit for clients who love to garden, the Crystal Rainbow Suncatcher for clients with lots of beautiful windows or the Healing Hearts Candle for clients who love candles! The gifts are mailed out quickly and arrive within a few days to our clients who have always been extremely grateful and touched by our efforts. It makes us look good and lets our clients know we are thinking about them!

Pink Dog Parlor and Resort

Michelle Kennedy

Working with Pet Perennials was an outstanding business decision. Each of our clients who have received a memorial candle have had only the nicest things to say, and were so thankful that we took the time to reach out to them in their time of grief. The process is so simple and efficient, one fax order and our role is complete. Without a doubt the service and quality of product deserve 5 stars!


The Hungry Puppy


Pet Perennials provides us with a thoughtful way to connect with our customers after their beloved pets have passed. They are always so grateful for their gifts, and we’re happy to be able to provide them with a little light during a sad time. The convenient and quality service of Pet Perennials deserves five-stars!

Three Tails Parlor & Pantry

Taylor Gonzalez

As a business in the pet industry today, I am presented with an endless number of companies that may sell a product or service that will make my job easier, will save me time, will make me more money, will add esthetic to my store, while the list goes on. All those added elements would be wonderful for any small business owner, but finding companies that help us nurture deep relationships with customers, to show them compassion and empathy and put a smile on their face when they need it most is exactly what small businesses across this country need most.

Pet Perennials has gone above and beyond to help me grow my business in the important pieces I cherish most. I spoke with one of the co-owners Remy shortly after I opened my businesses’ doors over a year and half ago. She shared with me her inspiration to the business and about her beloved and deeply missed dog, Olive. I now sell every single one of their sympathy gifts in my boutique and frequently use their gift package service for my retail and grooming customers. Pet Perennials has helped me on those not so good days of owning a small business, in reminding me why I do what I do and why it matters. To find a company that can provide my store with creative items for my customers, convenience for myself as well as my team and most importantly remind me the importance of compassion every single day is a company that will always have a presence in my shop and hold a special place in my heart. Thank you, Pet Perennials, for everything you do and always tugging at my heart strings.

The Barking Lof of Wheaton

Megan Rozell

Thanks so much to Remy and her team at Pet Perennials . We have been able to bring warmth and love to a difficult situation. I have had so many customers call/send thank you cards after being sent the beautiful dream catchers! 

Having a business where pets pass is something I have always had a hard time with. I can’t explain how nice and easy it is to drop an email and know that my costumer is going to get a handwritten card and beautiful gift to remember their pet.  This is an absolute wonderful service that’s makes my life a lot easier! 5 stars


Nashboro Animal Hospital

Annette Fillipone

As a veterinary professional, we take our obligation of taking care of animals as well as their human family very seriously. Losing a furry family member is a traumatic loss felt by the family as well as the care giving staff who also feels the sadness of loss. We have found that Pet Perennials provides a beautiful healing exercise for every age group dealing with the loss of a pet. Regardless if a private cremation is chosen for the pet or not. We provide the seed cutouts in the beautiful bags for our clients to prepare the living memorial to their pet.

North Memorial Animal Hospital

Leigh Ann Myers

Our clients have had nothing but positive things to say about the products from Pet Perennials! The quality is top notch and the order process is very easy. We highly recommend Pet Perennials for your client sympathy needs.


Morgan’s Pet Spaw


Red Dog Grooming


Clip & Cuddle Doggie Salon


Camp Bow Wow


Dirty Dawgs Mobile Salon