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Summer Fun and Safety Tips for Pets: Keeping Your Furry Friends Safe and Happy

Lori Davidson | 21 June, 2024

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Pet Safety and Summer

Summer is here, and it's the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine with your furry friends! Whether you're planning a picnic, a day at the beach, or just some fun in the backyard, there are plenty of ways to make the most of the warm weather. However, it's important to keep your pets safe during all the summer fun, especially with rising temperatures and outdoor activities. Here are some friendly tips to ensure your pets have a fantastic and safe summer.

Stay Cool and Hydrated

Just like us, pets can overheat quickly in the summer heat. Always have fresh, cool water available for your pets, whether you're at home or out and about. Consider bringing a portable water bowl for your furry friend if you're going on a hike or to the park. And don't forget to provide plenty of shade! Pets can get sunburned too, so make sure they have a cool, shady spot to relax.

Watch Out for Hot Surfaces

Pavement and sand can get incredibly hot under the summer sun, and this can burn your pet's paws. Try to walk your dog early in the morning or later in the evening when it's cooler, and always check the ground with your hand before letting them walk on it. If it's too hot for your hand, it's too hot for their paws!

Be Mindful of Picnic Foods

Summer picnics and barbecues are great fun, but many human foods can be harmful to pets. Keep an eye on your pets around picnic areas and be cautious with foods like chocolate, grapes, onions, and anything containing xylitol, which are all toxic to pets. It's best to bring along some pet-friendly treats so your furry friend can enjoy the picnic safely.

Fourth of July Fireworks

The Fourth of July is a highlight of summer, but it can be a stressful time for pets. Fireworks can be terrifying for many animals, leading to anxiety and panic. Make sure your pets are safe and secure inside during fireworks displays. Create a quiet, comfortable space for them with their favorite toys and a cozy bed. If your pet has severe anxiety, consider talking to your vet about calming options.

Honoring Pets Who've Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Summer can also be a time of reflection and remembrance for pets who've crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Our Crystal Rainbow Suncatcher is a beautiful way to honor a pet's memory. When hung in a window, it brings the Rainbow Bridge into the room, creating a comforting and colorful tribute to your beloved companion.

Have Fun and Stay Safe

Summer is a wonderful time to create lasting memories with your pets. Whether you're exploring new trails, playing fetch in the park, or just lounging in the backyard, keeping these safety tips in mind will ensure a happy and healthy season for both you and your furry friends.

At Pet Perennials, we're dedicated to supporting pet families and the pet-centric businesses that care for them. If you or someone you know has recently lost a pet, our sympathy gifts, like the Crystal Rainbow Suncatcher, can offer comfort and a beautiful way to remember the love and joy that pets bring into our lives.

Here's to a summer filled with fun, laughter, and safe adventures with your pets!

At Pet Perennials, we believe that pets are family. Our sympathy gifts and Gift Perks service are designed to provide comfort, support, and a lasting tribute to the pets who have touched our lives. Together, let's honor their memory and celebrate the unconditional love they gave us.

For more information about our products and services, visit our website and discover how you can create a lasting tribute to your beloved pet.

Lori is co-founder of Pet Perennials and a lifelong animal lover. She currently resides in a small lake community with her two feline companions, Snookie and Pumpkin. Lori learned to ride a Western Saddle as a child and rode English as an adult. When her oldest daughter fell in love with horses as a young girl they eventually rescued a horse named Sugar and enjoyed time on the trails of NW PA. Her daughter's passion for horses continues and as an adult, she rescued a horse and in turn is now passing on her love of everything horse to her own daughter.

Pet Perennials offers a Gift Perks Service with all inclusive pricing for Pet-centric businesses to send thoughtful sympathy gifts to clients, family, and employees conveniently and affordably.


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