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March Winds and Warm Coffees: Pet-Friendly Venues to Experience with Your Beloved Fur Friend

Lori Davidson | 06 March, 2024

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As the brisk winds of March sweep in, bringing the promise of warmer days, pet owners are eager to step out and enjoy the fresh air with their furry companions. This season is perfect for exploring pet-friendly venues where you can savor a cup of coffee or a delicious meal while your loyal four-legged friend accompanies you. In this blog post, we'll guide you through some delightful spots and also introduce a meaningful way to remember a beloved pet with personalized windchimes from PetPerennials.com.

Exploring Pet-Friendly Venues:

  1. Paws and Latte – A Canine Haven: Start your pet-friendly adventure at a charming coffee spot that welcomes both humans and their canine pals. With outdoor seating and a designated dog-friendly area, you can enjoy your favorite brew while your furry friend socializes with other dogs. Don't forget to treat them to a puppuccino – a delightful, dog-friendly whipped cream delight! If you’re lucky enough to live in a pet friendly area like Seattle, the choices of coffee shops to take your furry friends is plentiful. Search for some spots in your local area or grab a drive-through coffee and treat for you and your dog on your way to the park for a long walk in the springtime air!
  2. Meow Me Cafe – Where Cats Rule: Cat lovers, fear not! The Windy City of Chicago offers a unique experience for feline enthusiasts as well as dog lovers. You’ll find the best barbeque in the city at Smoke Daddy. This cozy cafe provides a serene atmosphere where you can sip a glass of wine and enjoy a great meal with your cat (or dog). Other pet friendly cafes provide adorable, adoptable cats with a safe place to meet and greet potential families. This is a purr-fect way to spend quality time and perhaps make a furry friend or two. Search your area for available venues offering these services.
  3. Barkside Bistro – A Culinary Adventure for You and Your Pooch: Barkside Bistros (otherwise known as fast food – or drive through eating) are not just easy and good choices for quick restaurant meals; they’re an experience for both you and your dog. With dedicated menu choices for pets, including gourmet treats and meals, your pup is sure to appreciate the culinary delights as much as you do. Ask about their outdoor seating areas for pets, as these are often spacious and inviting, ensuring a pleasant dining experience for everyone. From the In-N-Out Burger’s outside eating areas that allow for your pets to accompany you to Shake Shack’s dog friendly menu offering ShackBurgers and Poochini (a dog friendly custard with swirls of peanut butter), the variety of ways to dine out and include your pet are vast.

Dog Friendly Cafes and venues PetPerennials.com Thoughtful GIfts for Pet Lovers

Remembering Your Beloved Pet:

In the midst of enjoying these pet-friendly venues, we understand some are feeling the pain of losing a beloved pet. PetPerennials.com offers thoughtful ways to honor a pet’s memory. One special way in this windy month is their personalized windchimes. The gentle chimes serve as a soothing reminder of the joy a beloved pet brought into your life.

  1. Dog Memorial Windchime: For those who shared their lives with a loyal canine companion, the Dog Memorial Windchime from PetPerennials.com is a touching way to memorialize their presence. Personalize the sail with your dog's name, creating a unique and meaningful tribute.
  2. Cat Memorial Windchime: Cat lovers can find solace in the Cat Memorial Windchime, a delicate and beautiful option to remember their feline friend. Customize the sail with your cat's name, allowing the wind to carry their memory through gentle melodies.


March winds bring not only a breath of fresh air but also opportunities to create lasting memories with your pets. Explore these pet-friendly venues, savor the moments, and if you've experienced the loss of a beloved pet, consider the comforting resonance of a personalized windchime from PetPerennials.com. May the gentle chimes serve as a reminder of the love and joy your furry friends brought into your life.

 Memorial Cat Windchimes Personalization pet loss gift sympathy

Pet Perennials Gift Perks Service becomes a compassionate ally for pet-centric businesses, offering a seamless and affordable solution for expressing condolences. Through unique products like the Pet Perennials Garden Kit, the Memorial Dog Windchime, and the Memorial Cat Windchime, and more, businesses can build lasting emotional connections with clients, reaping the benefits of goodwill and loyalty in the process.

Lori is co-founder of Pet Perennials and a lifelong animal lover. She currently resides in a small lake community with her two feline companions, Snookie and Pumpkin. 

Pet Perennials offers a Gift Perks Service with all inclusive pricing for Pet-centric businesses to send thoughtful sympathy gifts to clients, family, and employees conveniently and affordably.


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