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Navigating the Afterlife with Ann Hoff: An Insightful Exploration of Pet Loss and Comfort

Lori Davidson | 28 February, 2024

            Rainbow Bridge Animal Communicator and Grief Counselor Ann Hoff Pet Loss


In the vast tapestry of emotions, grief holds a unique and intricate place, especially when it comes to losing a beloved pet. Today, we delve into the empathetic and comforting realm of Ann Hoff, an extraordinary animal communicator who extends her compassionate hand to those grappling with the loss of their furry companions. 

Picture this - a tearful call from across the country seeking solace after a cat's passing. Read on with an open heart, as Ann shares her experiences, unraveling the mysteries of the afterlife for our beloved pets.

 "Are you a grief counselor?"

I had a call this morning from a woman across the country. She was crying. She asked me if I was the one who helped people with grief when their cat dies. I said, “Yes, that’s me.” She then told me that her cat had died three months ago, and she just couldn’t get over losing him. I told her we needed to talk to him, and that after that, she would understand more, and feel better.

First, when someone is grieving the loss of their pet for many months, I look to see where the spirit of the pet is residing. Cats and dogs, just like humans, can make a choice after they drop their body. They can stay here on this plane, without a body. The downside to that is that they will feel the same as they did before they died, because they aren’t moving to the higher vibration of the place I call heaven. Second, and one that nobody thinks about, is all our energy comes from our body. When we are here without a body, we can no longer physically manifest in the same way- unless we get energy from somewhere. That energy can come from a house, or a human, or another animal. I must admit that cats don’t take much energy to manifest here on this plane, so it isn’t really the problem that it is with human ghosts. The main problem is if they stay here with their human, their human can feel them and stays sad, because the cat is “there” and “not there.” You can’t heal when you are constantly being reminded of the connection that spirit has, and then they themselves are usually melancholy so they make their human melancholy as well. It isn’t’ a good scene.

The second place our cats can go is to the place I call heaven. I can tell they are there because they are much happier than they are if they are earthbound. They can still be with their human at the speed of thought because you are always connected to them by your love. They will tell you who they are staying with, any questions you have about how they died, what decisions were made, what their wishes were. They may talk to you about whether they want to reincarnate, and what friends and people are up there with them in heaven. They will tell you how happy they are in heaven.

A third choice can be that your cat is waiting for you at the rainbow bridge. The rainbow bridge is the place BEFORE heaven, basically a purgatory. What your pet is supposed to do is wait there for you, and then you will cross over to heaven together. However, it got immensely popular because of a poem. If they stay at the rainbow bridge, they don’t go to heaven, and they don’t get to think about reincarnating back to you. I always tell my client to tell their pets: “Don’t stop at the rainbow bridge, go ALL THE WAY TO HEAVEN!”

When I begin talking to a pet, I start very nonchalantly. I will ask them what their surroundings are. I will empath how they feel. If they are still at the house, and melancholy, they are earthbound. What I do if they are earthbound is that I cross them over to heaven. I have a way of doing it that is about 95% effective. Even pets have free will. They can always so no to going to heaven. So, I always find out why they stay, to make sure they are comfortable with transitioning.

Many times, pets stay because they think their owners still need them. The “job” the pet was doing isn’t being done by anyone else, so they stay earthbound to help. I have found if you keep a pet’s ashes, they are more likely to stay earthbound. My guess on that is that the pet parent thinks something about not being able to move forward without the pet. When in spirit, pets are still privy to our thoughts.

When you have an earthbound pet, it is almost impossible to get over them and move forward. Their spirit is still in the room with you, and you can feel it. When they are in heaven, they can be with you at the speed of thought. They are happy, ebullient even, and you can feel that too.

When I talk to a pet in heaven, they have seen what their life was about, and they have the higher view. They will talk about why you shouldn’t feel guilty about their death and answer any questions you have about what happened. They will tell you who they are with in heaven- maybe your grandmother who loves cats, a favorite cat from your past, the dog that you loved so much. You realize that the love doesn’t die, and that you are always connected, even though their body dies. Many pets in heaven are planning on reincarnating back to you in another body and want to discuss the details to make sure that you find them when they are back in body.

Everyone who talks to their pet on the other side tells me they feel better. They understand the situation better, are buoyed by the love that comes through, see the larger picture of their life with the spirit that has just crossed. I will be honest; it doesn’t replace your pet. But it does answer any questions there are about their life and death, their plans, the fact that there is a future where you WILL see each other again. It allows you to let go of who they were in THIS life and see them as a spirit that travels with you through many lifetimes. 

Some people call me, who don’t believe in talking to spirits. But they are so grief stricken they are open to new ideas. All you need to do is to be open- you don’t need to believe in it. Once these people have me channel their pets, they get very specific facts from their loved ones on the other side.

I don’t pretend to know everything. But I know I am a channel for beings on the other side. That the spirit goes on, both with people and animals. That knowledge lifts grief. There is still the grief of missing your pet from your day-to-day life, but it is heartening to know they still exist on another plane. That the cat has gone to a place where they are happy. That love doesn’t die, it is an energy much stronger and connective than life itself. The woman I mentioned at the beginning of this article found the courage to love another cat after we talked. As long as we are still alive, there is always more to love.

Ann Hoff is a well-known Animal Communicator, Intuitive Medium, and a regular contributor to our FB Group “I Am not Crazy Because I Talk to Animals” and leads a monthly Zoom call with members wishing to chat with a pet, or simply ask Ann a question. This month's content addresses the earthly lessons we learn through loss.

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