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September Is A Happy Cat Month - Guest Blog by Mary Nielsen

Remy Bibaud | 17 September, 2019

            September Is A Happy Cat Month - Guest Blog by Mary Nielsen

At PetPerennials.com we love cats! Of course as one of the co-founders and a proud cat mom myself, I find it so important to share information about keeping our feline family happy and healthy.  Enjoy this month's guest blogger - Mary Nielsen and cat lover extraordinaire! 


"Mary Nielsen founded FelineLiving.net and is a passionate cat lover, blogger, and part-time music teacher. She founded her blog to share her ups and downs of being a pet parent to a bunch of adorable kittens and cats. When she is not playing with them or teaching, you can find her experimenting in the kitchen."



September Is A Happy Cat Month

Did you know that according to a national survey, almost 70% of US households own at least one pet? Perhaps there's even a furry feline or two who calls your house home. If so, you almost certainly know about the kind of joy, laughter, and cuteness overload kitties can bring into your life!

To keep the good times "meowing," it's important to take excellent care of your cat—it's truly one of your top priorities as a pet owner. The good news is that keeping your little girl safe, happy, and healthy isn't a complicated nor tedious process. In fact, many of the things you can do to help your feline thrive physically and socially also happen to be great ways to help the two of you bond.

And for what it's worth, keeping your cat healthier can save you a lot of cash in the long run!

Take your kitty's health and wellness, for instance. An animal who has a lean body weight, eats high quality food, is given opportunities to play and exercise, and has safe places to play and fulfill her natural "hunting" instincts is far more likely to enjoy a longer life. She's also more likely to remain disease-free and avoid chronic illnesses like arthritis, obesity, cancer, and feline diabetes—all of which can cost thousands of dollars to treat and manage, let alone be incredibly difficult for your kitty to deal with.

A little goes a long way, too. For example, research has found that something as simple as brushing your cat's teeth can extend her lifespan by as much as 3 to 5 years!

Let's take another major issue pet parents should be aware of: critter-borne illnesses. Fleas, ticks, mosquitos, and other bugs can transmit harmful parasites and bacteria to kitties and other animals. In some cases, these illnesses can even be transmitted from kitties to humans! So, giving your kitty monthly parasite preventive medication not only keeps her safer from potentially deadly and costly illnesses, but it can also keep the rest of your family safe, too. The little bit of money you spend every month on her flea and tick medication should be seen as a well-worthy investment in your household's well-being. (And yes, all cats need proper parasite prevention—even in the fall and winter, and even if they are indoor cats only!)

As a pet parent, you're always doing the best you can. But do you ever wonder if you're doing enough to ensure your kitty stays in tip-top shape, safe from parasites, mentally and physically stimulated, and socially well-adjusted? If you do, that's a good sign you care about your feline—which means she's a lucky lady! To honor National Happy Healthy Cat Month this September, it's time to spread the good word and show pet parents how easy and essential it is to practice good kitty-rearing habits.

Keep reading to check out a comprehensive overview of the top feline wellness "to-do's" for all pet parents.

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