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Recognizing a Pet that has Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Lori Davidson | 12 July, 2022

            Pet Loss - Why You Should Honor a Pet and How to Remember Someone's Loss

The relationship with a pet can start when a new puppy, kitty, or feathered friend is welcomed home, or it can begin by rescuing a loyal companion. The bond between an animal and its family is undeniable. These amazing creatures show us complete acceptance, unconditional love and fill our hearts and homes with precious moments. For these simple reasons it can be very difficult when a cherished pet makes its final transition from the earth. Whether you know the depth of pet companionship firsthand, or you simply care about someone that has a pet, recognizing when that animal has died will mean the world to someone who is grieving.

To learn 5 reasons why it is important to acknowledge pet loss, or honor a pet watch the linked video (click the photo).
Pet Loss - Why you should and how to remember someone's pet loss
Don’t panic if you aren’t sure what to say, keep it simple by letting the person know that you are sorry and that you support them. Don’t forget to include the pet’s name if you know it.
Some suggestions on what to say or write to someone who has lost their beloved pet:
  • In deepest sympathy for the loss of your beloved pet. 
  • I am sorry to hear about the loss of your fur-baby. I know that he/she was very important to
  • You are in my/our thoughts at this time. 
  • May precious memories of your pet fill your heart and home at this time and always. 
  • Losing a cherished friend is never easy. May the love you shared with your pet bring you comfort during this difficult time. 
  • Hoping the many happy memories of your pet will soften the sadness in your heart. Having experienced it myself, I know only time can heal. I am here if you need a hug or someone to listen. 

Remember to use the pet's name if you know it. And don't be afraid to call and talk to them about their loss. Pet loss breaks hearts, because pets are family.

Video courtesy of Graham Berry of Training Buster. Graham and team offer training tips for dogs (by issue or breed). Find the best tips, tricks, and more on training there.

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