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Pets Mourn the Loss of Their Animal Companions Too

Remy Bibaud | 22 August, 2023

            Pets Mourn the Loss of Their Animal Companions Too

As humans we know how hard it can be when a pet dies. The grief from pet loss has been described as “disenfranchised grief”. Often, we feel alone, misunderstood, maybe even embarrassed that the sadness can hit us so hard, and at the oddest of times. It is why when other people show us kindness by doing something, saying something, or even sending a thoughtful gift or card, we feel accepted, relieved, and comforted. As time passes, the grief we feel from losing a beloved animal companion doesn’t feel as overwhelming. But did you know that other pets mourn the loss of a furry friend?

It is true that other pets can mourn the loss of another animal. Just like humans, animals can form strong bonds with each other and experience grief when a loved one dies. They probably feel a lot like we do, except they can’t speak so it is important to look for the signs that your pet maybe experiencing grief from pet loss too.

There are many signs that a pet may be grieving the loss of another animal, including:

A change in behavior.

The pet may become withdrawn, depressed, or anxious. They may also start to exhibit destructive behaviors, such as chewing or scratching.

A change in appetite.

The pet may start to eat less or more than usual.

A change in sleep patterns.

The pet may start to sleep more or less than usual.

A change in activity level.

The pet may become less active or more active than usual.

A change in vocalization.

The pet may start to whine, bark, or meow more than usual.

A change in grooming habits.

The pet may start to groom themselves less or more than usual.

If you notice any of these signs in your pet, it's important to talk to your veterinarian. They can help you determine if your pet is grieving and recommend ways to help them cope with their loss.

There are also some practical things that you can do to show your furry friend a little extra TLC through this period. Here are some tips for helping your pet cope with the loss of another animal:

Give your pet plenty of love and attention.

Let them know that they are still loved and that you are there for them.

Create a special place for your pet to grieve.

This could be a quiet spot in your home where they can go to relax and be alone.

Talk to your pet about their loss.

Let them know that it's okay to be sad and that you understand how they're feeling.

Help your pet to remember their lost friend.

You can do this by talking about them, looking at pictures, or visiting their gravesite.

Be patient and understanding.

It may take some time for your pet to grieve their loss. Be patient and understanding, and don't punish them if they act out.

As with humans, with time and patience, your pet will eventually heal from the loss of their friend. Pet Perennials has special memorial gifts that can showcase the bond between our animal companions. A photograph of your pets together can be placed inside of any of our pet memorial frames.

 You Left Pawprints on My Heart Frame Available at PetPerennials.com Pet Loss Gifts

Remy Bibaud is the co-founder of Pet Perennials and mom to Harley. Harley, like her sister that preceded her in life, is a sweet and active Labrador Retriever mix. Olive was an adorable, smiling Labrador Retriever mix and Remy’s inspiration for the original Pet Perennials product. Olive was a special gal, gentle, kind and quite an athlete! She loved to play fetch, enjoyed long walks with Remy and sniffing out the deer in her backyard. Remy was fortunate because Olive joined her every day at her former business office. Today Remy is joined at the office by Harley.

Emerging from their own experiences with love and loss, Remy and her business partner set out to create a personalized way to bring comfort to families going through similar pet loss experiences and to offer unique gifts that bring comfort to a grieving pet lover while honoring the memory of a cherished companion. Pet Perennials has grown from there.

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