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Pet Perennials Spring Gardens

Remy Bibaud | 25 August, 2019

            Pet Perennials Spring Gardens

As winter ends and spring quickly approaches all thoughts turn to April showers bringing May flowers. I don't know about you, but I'm watching the mailbox for planting catalogs and searching the Internet for fresh gardening ideas. You too may be dreaming of flowers and wondering how to plant a seed in your children or grandchildren's hearts for the love of gardening.
Have you lost a pet and are thinking of starting a memorial patch in your garden in his or her honor? Has someone you know lost a pet recently and you would like to acknowledge their loss? Has your family given a new lease on life to an adopted shelter pet? Are you wondering what you might do with your children to celebrate your pet's birthday? Why not honor these moments with a gift of a MiY Pet Perennials Kit? From the crafting of the Pet Perennials to the ease in sowing your wafers, our Make it Yourself Pet Perennials Kits provide a unique way to create new life in your gardens, or seed a walking or riding path all in honor or memory of a beloved pet. What better way to help you heal or plant a bit of joy than to watch the love of your pet bloom year after year?

Does your kitty like to romp in your garden? Do you have a favorite dog park where you frequent? Wouldn't it be wonderful to brighten those surroundings with wildflowers that would bloom cheerily year after year? Whether it is a special moment in a pet's life or the dreaded days and weeks after losing a pet, our kits offer a healing and enjoyable crafting activity you can do alone or with family. 

If you are grieving from the loss of your furry companion know that we understand how it feels to lose a pet. We've been there. We aren't suggesting you don't take time to grieve. Feel what you feel for as long as you need to do so. Allow yourself to experience the rituals that remain important to all of us. The rituals are part of the healing process. You may want to watch old videos, finger through old photos and share stories, talk to family and friends remembering the love you and your pet shared. And as you go through the motions, you begin to regain some control... Perhaps even considering bringing another pet into your heart. And you may be looking for a way to teach your children about loss. These are special moments. Let Pet Perennials support you. And when friends lose their pets, Pet Perennials is the perfect way to let them know you understand.

Pet Perennials create a colorful living memorial to our faithful companions waiting at the Rainbow Bridge. Want to learn more? Watch KDKA CBS Pittsburgh's segment on Pet Perennials and hear how our MiY Pet Perennials Kits have helped others honor a beloved pet. 
            "Pet Perennials. Helping People Mourn Their Pets."  by Amy Wadas

Visit our online community and join the conversation. Post a favorite pet baby's photo and tell us why they were so special. Take a look at a few of our "gardens" and consider where you might want to seed a memorial garden in your own yard. 

Resellers may inquire at info@cherishedones.net for information on our Pet Perennials product line and Industry Partner Programs.

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