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Thoughtful Pet Loss Gifts to Comfort the Grieving

Lori Davidson | 10 May, 2022

            Children planting Pet Perennials Kit wafers in memory of pet

If a friend of yours has lost a pet, you may be wondering what you can do to help. When they lose an animal, it's not always easy. 

It's important to acknowledge their loss right away. This is better than pretending like nothing happened and hoping they'll forget about it. Doing so will give them some time to adjust while you offer support during a time of need.

You can offer a few suggestions to help. You can help cut back the lawn or go grocery shopping for them. You could even offer to drive them to appointments, so they are not alone during rush hour traffic.

One of the longer-lasting options to help ease the grief of someone who has lost a furry family member is sending creative and personalized pet sympathy gifts.


Sending a Gift Honoring Gardening

The first instinct may be to do something big and extravagant. You may want to send flowers from an upscale florist, but this can be expensive and only temporary. A better option would be pet loss gifts that celebrate an activity many pet owners do with their four-legged companions.

For example, a Pet Perennials Memorial Garden Kit is a great way to plant a garden in memory of your beloved dog or cat. This immortalizes when they would follow your friend around. This recreates sweet memories of playing as they tended to their yard, vegetable patch, or landscaping. 

You can also send designed Pet Memorial Plant Stakes that create a focal point for a garden. These include a memorial in the shape of a pet that also comes with wildflowers seeds. These flowers will attract butterflies, a frequent favorite of cats who loved to prance and explore the yard.


Personalizing Your Pet Sympathy Gifts

Sometimes the best way to remember the joy and comfort a pet brought to another person’s life is to have a beautiful picture framed. Options like a Forever in My Heart Pet Loss Frame can be personalized with the name of your friend’s beloved dog, cat, or other pet. This way, they can look over at their loved ones and smile at all the beautiful memories, so the sadness is less bittersweet.

Forever in My Heart Frame

Personalizing pet loss gifts like wind chimes are a delightful way to lessen the pain of saying farewell. This way, you can hear an angelic chime from the music instead of looking at a photo. Picking up a pewter set with the name of your friend’s pet and a paw print offers a welcome send-off that feels more from the heart than a last-minute gift.

Consider making a gift that will serve as a memory of the pet and something to comfort the family in their grief. A candle can be lit in remembrance of your friend's pet. If you wish, you could also include a card with some thoughts or favorite memories to keep with the candle during times of sadness.


Make a Donation on Behalf of the Pet

Many pet owners face their grief while still caring for another pet. A great way to show your love and support is to donate to their local veterinarian, pet shelter, or an animal rescue. Other families and pet owners may receive the care they need to postpone loss while they enjoy a few more years of welcome pet companionship.

This is welcome pet sympathy gifts option to put into a card like a Pet Loss Sympathy Card with Memorial Decal. It is less intrusive and does not need any extra effort on the part of the pet owner, only a way to immortalize their pet.


Friends & Family Can Help

It’s not easy losing a pet, but friends and family can help in small ways that make a big difference. The loss of a pet may bring up powerful emotions, so don’t be surprised if your friend finds themselves overwhelmed after their pet passes away.

It’s important to remind them they are not alone. Offering support, suggesting a grief counselor, and providing a way to memorialize their pet through the use of pet loss gifts helps them handle their pain and then safely move on to the future. Together, little by little, the memories become more joyful and are one more welcome experience over our lifetimes, enriched by the comfort of our loving pets.

To learn more about the pet loss gifts available from Pet Perennials, visit our website or reach out to our sales team. We are proud to help you, your family, and your friends celebrate the remarkable life of their pets.


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