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A Dad and His Dog: May - Moms, Mutts, and More

Lori Davidson | 03 May, 2022

            A Dad and His Dog PetPerennials.com Mother's Day, St. Bernards

 Zack Manko and his dog Sorcha share info on Moms, Mutts, and More - highlighting the ins and outs of what May offers! 

If there is one day you remember this month, let it be Sunday, May 8th. This is Mother’s Day, 2022, and it is the day you should go above and beyond to do something special for your dear old mom. Do not let Sorsha and I catch you skimping out on presents or quality time. Even though Sorsha is not a mom, she takes this sort of thing seriously.

Beyond making it special for mom, there is lots to do in May! This month hosts several important calls to action for pet owners and pet lovers. So, get a pen and notepad, and get ready to make some goals and objectives for the month!


Good Parenting 

Speaking of moms, motherhood, and parenting, May is National Responsible Animal Guardian Month. International animal protection organization In Defense of Animals, formed in 1983, started the month to bring awareness to the bond that can be achieved between pets and owners when mutual respect and caring forms the foundation for that relationship.

There are many ways you can be a better, more responsible pet owner. For instance, you could focus on positive training, and do more to provide proper nutrition. Regular checks with your veterinarian can help you get in front of any potential medical issues.

This month, make the commitment to spend some extra time training, caring for, and bonding with your pet.


Feast Day of St. Bernard of Montjoux

May 28th is the feast of the patron of two hospices in the Alpine passes. This Catholic priest spent several decades performing missionary work in the Alps, building churches, hospitals, and orphanages. From these remote mountain outposts, monks would travel the snowy passages to aid travelers and rescue those caught in storms or avalanches.

By the monks’ sides were their trusty canine companions, the St. Bernards. These powerful, gentle, intelligent, and drooly critters were trained to sniff out people, and were equipped with whiskey barrels on their necks to warm up climbers and skiers. St. Bernards were the perfect cold-weather animal to help the monks serve the people going through the Alps and would eventually get their name from their association with the monks’ leader.

These magnificent animals are mainstay in many homes today. Their popularity saw a spike in the nineties thanks to the Beethovenfilms. St. Bernards are a large breed, so if you are thinking about getting one, make sure you have the space!


Celebrating (Actual) Dog Moms

Many of our furry companions are also proud pooch mommas. Why not get them something a little extra for all the hard work and love they put into having and caring for their puppies?

Celebrating your hound momma by getting them a present is easier than you would think. Pet Perennials offers many pet-focused gifts, including several that are specialized for pet milestones. For instance, we have the Doggie “You Take the Cake” Bundle, which has all the fixings necessary for a dog party, including pet-friendly cake mix and icing! If you want something a little more permanent, we also have several photo frames—perhaps to showcase your actual dog mom and their litter?


Puppy Mill Action Week

While many dogs enjoy loving homes and come from responsible backgrounds, there are unfortunately many animals out there which come from deplorable settings. Horrific institutions known as “puppy mills” are designed to “produce” puppies without regard to their health or overall well-being and are often removed from the mothers before they are grown and developed enough for such a separation.

To take a stand against these facilities, take part in Puppy Mill Action Week, which is May 2-7. In addition to becoming an advocate for this cause, the Humane Society of the United States also recommends several other courses of action. They suggest contacting legislators and urging them to make ending puppy mills a top priority. You could also help make retail pet stores puppy-friendly by helping them to stop selling puppies in stores and instead support adoption of homeless pets. Additionally, if you are looking for a pet, you could find a reputable breeder.


Do not Make Mom Keep Worrying 

Many doting moms out there exhort their children to keep in touch and, sadly, many of us do not. We ignore phone calls. We do not text back. We do not even call them on Mother’s Day!

Luckily, it can be much easier to keep tabs on your pets if you want it to be. May is National Chip Your Pet Month, so there’s no better time than now to get your dog, cats, or other pets microchipped. If you have animals that are prone to running away, or just do not want to lose your furry pal on a hike, getting them microchipped is a terrific way to ensure that they’ll find their way home.

Another thing mothers are prone to do is worry, and it can be easy to assume that the microchipping procedure is painful for your pooch. Luckily, this is not true. The procedure is simple, pain-free, and can be completed by most veterinarians (though call ahead to double check and, of course, schedule an appointment!). See? No reason to worry.

Afterwards, you can register the chip, and its associated pet, online. This will enable your vet and other professionals to track your pet later, in the event that they go missing. Additionally, many animal shelters and dog pounds have equipment that can scan for chips, allowing them to notify you if your four-footed companion shows up.

During National Chip Your Pet Month, take the time to get your dog or cat chipped. It will be one less thing your mom will have to worry about.


She (and They) Deserves It

May has plenty for dog owners and lovers to do. From brushing up on your ownership skills to taking a stand against puppy mills and carving out some time for mom, this month will keep you busy.

Remember, a good dog never forgets. So, no matter if you send them flowers, take them to dinner, or just give them a call, do something to make this Mother’s Day extra special for dear old mom.


Happy May!

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