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Pet Inspirations: Gina Dial of John Paul Pet

Remy Bibaud | 08 October, 2019

            Pet Inspirations: Gina Dial of John Paul Pet

Our team at Pet Perennials is always meeting new and interesting business owners from around the globe that have been inspired by a pet to start a business or have dedicated their professional careers to helping our furry, feathered, or scaly companions. We find these folks and their stories fascinating and wanted to share a bit of about them, their businesses, and most importantly, their Petspiration! Welcome Gina Dial of John Paul Pet Grooming!


Please introduce yourself and tell us about your company.

My name is Gina Dial and I am the VP of Sales & Marketing for the John Paul Pet Grooming line. John Paul Pet was the brainchild of John Paul DeJoria (the co-founder of Paul Mitchell Haircare) and John Capra, his close friend.

When did you get into this line of work or how long have you been in this position? 

I have been in this position for the past 10 years. I was working at a professional beauty distributor as a Marketing Director when the Paul Mitchell Brand came on-board and with it came John Paul Pet products. As a dog lover I was immediately drawn to the pet line and created programs and events centered on it. Eventually, I moved over to the John Paul Pet company.

What is unique or special about your brand? 

The brand is botanically based and pH balanced for pets. And because Paul Mitchell for humans and John Paul Pet have the same demographic group as customers, we have the branding connection.

Did you have a pet that inspired you to start your business/product/service? Or that encouraged you to be in the field that you are in? If not, what inspired you? Murphy was my first dog, a Labrador Retriever, and my life revolved around him. He lived to be 15 years old and as his body was deteriorating his devotion to me never wavered, and he would have struggled to live just to be with me. I had to make the decision to end his pain and it was the hardest thing I have ever done. 

Other dogs have come into my life and when they do I receive them with open arms. I believe they are put in front of me for a reason and I am bound to give them the best life I can. They teach me about life every single day. I found Bailey on the side of the road, Connor was part of a litter one of my buyers had and he was “different”, Riley was dropped into my yard deaf and aggressive, and Sully is deaf and partially blind and was also described as “aggressive”. All of these pups, and my horses, are my inspiration. 

Do you have a pet or pets that join you at work? What are their names and roles? 

Connor is the peacekeeper, Riley wants to be sure everything is ok, and Sully stays at my feet most of the day with a paw on my feet to be sure if I move, he wakes and moves with me. I take breaks from working to take them out or walk them during the day - they love it and it clears my head!

How does your product or service help pets and pet parents? 

Grooming your pet is a necessity, but also a great time to bond with them. Brushing them communicates affection and makes them feel good. Bathing them can be fun, especially if they like to play in the water, and we get the satisfaction of knowing they are happy.

On another note, getting your hands on your pet daily by brushing of petting them will always let you know if there are any bumps or bruises that weren’t there before and could be noteworthy... 

What challenges have you faced in running your company or growing your brand? How did you overcome them? 

Pet shampoos do not turn quickly in retail. The average consumer purchases one bottle of shampoo per year. This makes retailers not very interested in bringing in another shampoo line since they usually have quite a bit in stock. John Paul Pet is a high quality, botanical, concentrated shampoo and instead of just advertising benefits, we try to educate the consumer on safety when grooming their pets at home. We believe that education is the key, and our motto is “slow and steady wins the race.”

What are the top 3 pieces of advice/recommendations concerning your field of expertise that could benefit a pet’s and/or pet parent’s life? 

Learn to talk to your pet, develop communication with them through touch (grooming)

Learn to safely bathe your pet at home to avoid accidents (bathingbasics.com)

Think outside the box when it comes to your pet. Do your research and talk to other pet owners.

Where can someone get information or access the products or services discussed?  


Johnpaulpet.com, bathingbasics.com, join John Paul Pet PALs on FB, join John Paul Pet Heroes on FB 

Any parting words or thoughts in general? 

Always love and respect your pets, because they will always love you no matter what…

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