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Making the Most of Your Pet's Life: How to Further Their Longevity

Lori Davidson | 21 June, 2022

            How to Further Your Pet's Longevity PetPerennials.com

“Pets may only be with us for a part of our life, but we are their whole lives.”


As a pet owner, you have to face the reality of your pets’ life expectancies. You can’t guarantee how much time you’ll have with your pets, but you can do your best to make the most of it. With the actions you take, you can strive to make a positive and lasting impact. Here are some ways to care for them while being mindful of their future.


Feed them a Healthy Diet


Just like in humans, a healthy diet does a lot to improve quality of life and longevity. You can speak to your veterinarian about the best options for your pet’s food. As you want to cater to their specific nutritional needs, it can be hard to know what the right option for their breed and activity level is. Finding a trusted resource to help guide your decision, doing your research, and being in tune with your pet and their responses, are all ways you can ensure their dietary needs are being well taken care of. You can get ahead of a lot of problems by working from the inside out.


As you learn the right foods to feed your pet and more specifically learn which foods are toxic to your animal, you’ll want to pay attention to their eating habits and weight. How your pet is eating can offer a lot of insight into their physical and mental state. If they’re not eating enough or eating too much, this may be a sign of a larger issue that needs addressing. Maintaining a healthy weight for your pet is going to ensure that they have a greater quality of life and can do more with their time.


Take Care of Their Teeth


Dental care is too easy to neglect in pets, unlike humans they can’t take care of this themselves, and they aren’t always the most cooperative when it comes to brushing their teeth. However, a lack of good dental hygiene can lead to other serious health problems. If plaque and tartar build-up occur, it can lead to greater issues like inflammation and infections.


Try implementing a routine totake care of your pet’s teeth daily. This can be through brushing your pet’s teeth yourself or finding safe, chewable products that get the job done. Don’t wait until they have a problem like significantly bad breath. Your pet will thank you and you as an owner will have one less thing to worry about knowing you are caring for them for the long haul.


Keep Them Active


An active pet is a happy pet! Physical activity is so important for pets and their longevity, and they’ll let you know. When your pet has excess energy, they are more likely to engage in negative behaviors, whether it be getting into things they’re not supposed to or barking and whining excessively. Being active doesn’t just keep them out of trouble, it improves their heart health, their bone density, and strengthens their muscles. Keep balance in mind and listen for clues, your pet will let you know when they are craving activity and when they’re ready to slow down and rest.


They also need mental stimulation and enrichment.There are many different activities you can do at home to help your pet, including training and learning commands, playing with puzzle toys to practice problem-solving, or working on impulse control. These activities work their mind and can be just as tiring as physical exercise! So, whether it’s a walk around the block, a new toy, or a training session, keeping your pets active and engaged is something they need and deserve.


Help Them Make Friends


Socialization in pets is helpful for a number of reasons. It not only teaches them how to be comfortable around other people and animals, but it also helps them to manage stress, unnecessary fear, and aggression. Helping your dog to navigate unfamiliar situations can help them manage a neutral physiological state. This is good for their long-term health as triggering events or episodes can cause negative reactions like increased heart rate, blood pressure, upset stomach, and more. Socialization is the process of safely acclimating to those stressors, and with less stress overall, they can lead a longer, happier life.


Socialization is important as the seasons change. Different holidays and events bring about new people and new experiences. As the weather warms and we head into the summertime, Fourth of July celebrations are going to be kicking off. A socialized dog is better equipped to handle the stress of this summer holiday. As there is increased activity, especially into the night which can include louder parties and fireworks, being alert to your surroundings and how your pet may react can save everyone from unwanted stress and help you and your furry friend to keep calm and have more fun.


Be Proactive


To keep your pet living a long, healthy life, you have to set yourself up for success. Rather than wait for something to happen, have a plan in place to care for a multitude of scenarios that could occur at any time.


For starters, make sure your pet regularly sees a veterinarian. Constantly checking in on your pet’s health is how you can ensure that they are prepared for years to come. You can keep caught up to date on medications, vaccinations, and boosters, especially preventative measures like heartworm, flea, and tick protection.


Pet insurance is a great tool to have to make sure that you can care for your pet for the long haul. Many people wonderis pet insurance a good idea?” The fact of the matter is that you never know what appointments, health issues, or medications may arise for your pet, and the value of pet insurance is in its ability to offer peace of mind for any scenario. That your pet can not only be covered for a regular checkup, but also in the event of an accident or illness. You can weigh all of your options for treatment knowing the best care won’t put a strain on your finances. Planning for the worst-case scenario can feel unnerving, but it’s that preparation that allows you to be able to help your pet when they need it most.


Your pet spends its whole life with you, it is your responsibility to make the most of it. Going beyond the basics to make sure that they are happy, healthy, and well-rounded can add years on to their life. More time with your pet is a treasured gift and it’s with the right preparation that you can strive to make the most of every day for your furry family member.


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