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How To Throw The Purrfect Cat Birthday Party

Lori Davidson | 12 April, 2022

            Photo by Lidya Nada on Unsplash

Cover Photo by Lidya Nada on Unsplash 

Throwing a cat birthday party is a great way to celebrate your fur baby. She makes your life so much better - a purrfect friend to keep you warm, entertained and one who loves you no matter what happens.

Because her love is so warm, genuine, and complete, you should put your best foot forward and plan a memorable birthday party. But it has to be within the cat’s terms.

Don’t worry, we can help you! Here are tips and ideas ranging from crafting a cat-friendly guest list, to excellent decor for the day and picking the purrfect toy for your cat.

First, think about your cat’s needs

You might be in a party mood, but remember it’s your cat’s birthday party. So, it’s her dreams (not yours) that should come true. But for you to make it happen, you must know everything about her. If she is still a kitty or you are a first-time cat-parent, it is crucial you learn as much as possible about cats. It will go a long way in helping you avoid mistakes and ensure you don’t  stress your fur baby.

Cats are solitary creatures. The Dallas Vets gave us some good advice, “Cats like to hang out solo, and only play or hang out with people when they want to. They also don’t enjoy cacophonous or raucous environments. So it’s probably not going to be a rort party. Otherwise, she would be stressed or overstimulated.”

Keep the party low-key and the cat unbothered as much as she would like. Trust us, if she wants attention, she will come forth. But even then, keep things at the cat’s pace. 


Pick a theme and decor

Now that you know how the cat's birthday party should look and feel, think about the theme - something your cat really likes - and décor to match. A great theme and décor will help to make the day memorable. Below are some ideas to pawnder

Have your guests wear cat-ear headbands and whiskers. You can DIY them ahead of time or have the guests prepare their own - an excellent way to get them psyched up for the party.

Draw paw prints on your window, car, mirrors, walls, floor, and just about any other surface you can. But make sure you use erasable markers. Alternatively, you could prepare paw-print cutouts or stick a couple of these adorable three promises Celtic Knot paw print stickers on glass surfaces.

Make cat-pun posters – Make posters with messages like “Only Feline Lovers Allowed,” “Password is Pawsitive,” “Happy Purthday Kitty '' and many more.

Use cat toy decorations. For example, you could roll up some balls of yarn and place them in a bowl. If you don't have much time for that, these amazing and colorful furballs would be purffect in the bowl. There are many other cat toysyou can hang or place at different spots in the house. But make sure you have the catnip toy as the centerpiece.

Hang photos of your cat around the house. Use pictures from when she was a kitty and memorable moments of her life.


An important note on décor

As you plan the décor and get supplies, skip the balloons. Yes, we know they are a popular décor choice for birthday parties. But, when you think about it, cat claws don’t go well with balloons. Besides, the sound of a popping balloon could scare your cat.


Write a guest list

Here is where you draw the line between cats and dogs. Most dogs are social. They love it when friends come over, and well-socialized dogs are ecstatic when visited by another dog. But cats are not so. They take a long time to warm up to people and other cats. In fact, cats could be hostile to other animals. So, keep your guest list to human friends.


Plan some activities

Here are some ideas on activities to keep the cat birthday party lively:

 Play mewsical chairs with cat-themed songs.

  • Have a cat-pun contest and reward the most hilarious with a cat-themed gift.
  • Have a cat scavenger hunt. Use your cat’s favorite toys and hide them in her favorite hiding places.
  • Be philanthropic, visit a local shelter and help cats in real need. Together with your cat-loving guests, you can donate your time and resources.

Plan for the food

Since it’s your cat’s birthday party, she dictates what’s on the menu. Fish and other seafood dishes would probably be top on the list. So think about lobster and crab cakes, tuna bites, salmon croquet, Shrimp Cocktail, Southwestern seafood egg rolls, and so on. You could also make a paw-shaped cake or prepare paw-shaped frozen treats.


Set up a photoshoot area for the cat and you

Of course, you will want pictures of the birthday cat with you, and if she agrees, with some of the guests. So set up a photoshoot area, complete with treats and toys to keep the cat happy, and plan to take pictures.

But make sure you don’t stress the cat. Most cats don’t like being lifted or being pet, especially when it is a stranger. So, plan to take photos at different moments when your cat feels comfortable around people. But don’t take photos with too many people at once, she would be scared. Better still, be creative in crafting the photoshoot area. For example, the cat could rest on a countertop and people behind it. They wouldn’t need to hold her.

You’ll have plenty of cool photos without painful scratches on your forearms.



A birthday party ain't a party if it doesn’t have cake! 

But don’t serve your cat with a typical human birthday cake - it would be a cat-astrophe! Instead, prepare something special for your kitty and serve her before guests arrive and there is a party frenzy. Remember, your cat is more comfortable when few people are in the house. So pick up a recipe, prepare something special for your kitty, and let her enjoy every bit of it.

 Photo by Asal Mshk on Unsplash

Finally, plan for some special care

These ideas will make your cat's birthday party great. But they are also busy and exciting; it could stress your cat. Make sure you plan for an after-party special pampering session for your cat. She will appreciate it, and it will rejuvenate her.

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