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A Dad and His Dog: April Power!

Lori Davidson | 05 April, 2022

            A Dad and His Dog: April Power!

Zack Manko and his dog Sorcha share info on April and pets - what's new, what's old hat, and what we need to know! 

While the first day of spring is technically on the vernal equinox in March, it never really feels genuinely like Spring until April (at least for Sorsha and me here in the Northeast. All those late March snowstorms cause us to itch at that “March—in like a lion, out like a lamb” nonsense). Still, Winter does eventually end, and when it does, it is time to sprout into Spring.


To get you up and moving, we have a rundown here of some events you can look forward to this April, as well as steps you can take to protect your pooch.


Scooper Week

April 1st-7th is Scooper Week! You know what this one is about. With the snow receding and the weather heating up, it’s time to get out and walk—just go prepared if you are bringing along fido. You can find the perfect leash or collar accessory with Pet Perennials' discreet pet waste bag dispenser. With this handy device, you can walk confidently and cleanly.


Fun fact—this holiday week was founded by professional scoopers. Next time you are feeling bad about your job, remember this fact and get grateful!


National Animal Care and Control Appreciation Week

In an effort to endorse and celebrate professionalism within the animal care and control industries, April 10-16 this year has been designated National Animal Care and Control Appreciation Week!


If you own a business or agency that operates in these disciplines, take a moment to honor your workers (maybe you will get lucky, and they will honor you!). You could hold an office party or take a moment to recognize one of your employees that goes beyond the call of duty in their efforts.


If you know someone that works in these fields, you can get involved by sponsoring a meal, sending flowers, dropping off some balloons, or mailing a nice, signed card to your favorite worker or business. You will brighten their day and remind them that the work they do is important, and worth celebrating!


Budding Into Spring

Spring is traditionally a time for new beginnings. Just as new shoots of grass pop up and flowers begin to open, people begin to take on new projects or endeavors. As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, we come out of our winter hovels, eager to stretch and grow, just like the creatures and plants of nature.


If you, or someone you know, is springing into something new, consider taking a look at our Pet Milestone Gift Collection! You’ll find wonderful, themed presents for all sorts of events and life landmarks. For example, we have adorable signs for your dog to announce that their humans are getting married or welcoming a new baby to the world!


Not starting anything new this Spring but still want to celebrate? No problem! Pet Perennials has got you covered. We have delightful gift basket bundles for all sorts of fun occasions. Whether you are planning a doggie ice cream party or a kitty cat birthday party, we have the perfect pack for you.


The Ultimate Basket

Speaking of baskets, Easter also falls in April this year. While your pooch may have trouble getting in the door at church or dying eggs, you can give them all the fun of an egg hunt with their very own Easter basket!


Pet Perennials’ Mix and Match Collection has gobs of cute toys and treats for your furry four-legged companion. From bandanas and chew toys to sugar free ice cream designed specifically for dogs, you’ll find what you are looking for here to make Fido the perfect basket.


Here is a tip: If you want to make them work for it, open a package of treats, and put them in the basket before they find it! The scent will have them running up and down the yard looking for it. There is nothing wrong with a little extra exercise!


Heartworm Awareness Month

While this month has plenty of fun, we move now to a more serious subject. A major concern for the entire month of April is Heartworm Awareness. If you are unfamiliar with heartworms, take a moment to acquaint yourself with this disease.


Heartworms are worms that live inside the organs of their hosts, including the hearts and lungs. These parasites are transmitted through mosquito bites, and affect mammals like dogs, cats, ferrets, and other wild canids. They pose a serious threat as they can prove fatal for your pets, and the disease may progress slowly, taking years to work its course.


Unfortunately, there are numerous risk factors for heartworms. Dogs of any size, breed (even those with heavy coats), or age are at risk of contracting heartworms from a mosquito bite. However, older dogs are more susceptible than younger ones. Also, if your dog has a respiratory or cardiovascular illness or similar existing medical condition, then they will also be at an elevated risk.


Cases of heartworms have also been reported in every state across the country. However, this disease, since mosquitoes spread it, thrive where these insects do, namely in hot and humid climates.


As always, prevention is the best first course of action. Keep an eye on your pooch when you are outdoors. If you go for walks, avoid stagnant pools of water. There are also oral and topical medications you can give to your pooch to help prevent heartworms and other parasites.


If you think your dog may be infected, be on the lookout for telltale symptoms that can help you identify the disease. Early detection is critical to stopping this disease from harming your pet. Signs of heartworms include mild, persistent cough, shortness of breath, nosebleeds, lethargy, decrease in appetite, and fainting spells.


If your pet has any of these symptoms, contact your vet immediately. The American Heartworm Society (AHS) recommends antibiotics to combat heartworms. There are also preventative medications available, to prevent secondary infections. These interventions may be administered over several months, during which time your pet should be on restricted activity.


Heartworms are a serious condition. Be vigilant, be prepared, and have a plan for the worst. If you stay calm and responsible, you can keep your pet heartworm free.



Whatever you decide to do this Spring, we here at Pet Perennials hope you spend it with those you love, including your furry friends.


Happy Spring!







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