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How Pet Perennials Came to Be - Olive's Story

Remy Bibaud | 28 September, 2015

            How Pet Perennials Came to Be - Olive's Story

One cold, dark November night Remy Bibaud, Co-founder of Cherished Ones found a little white puppy smack dab in the middle of the road she was traveling on.  The dog was so small and so scared.  Remy scooped her up and put her in the car.  She called her friends she was to meet later that evening and told them the universe had other plans for her. That was the night Olive found her way into Remy's heart.

Olive got her name because of her big black eyes that stood out so vividly from her silky white fur.  She dawned those big, sad eyes every time she was put her in her crate after chewing up something valuable.  Olive held her rightful place on the loveseat in Remy’s business office for seven years.  She seemed healthy and sprite, then one day she wasn’t.  After spending 12 days in the specialty vet hospital she came home to rest out the remaining weeks of her life. In October 2012 Olive died.  Losing her was very painful. While Remy pushed forward, the loveseat in her office was devoid of Olive’s presence and a constant reminder of her loss. 

Remy along with her new business partner, Lori Davidson, founded Cherished Ones. Olive served as inspiration for their first product, Pet Perennials.  

Cherished Ones is a memorial products company that designs and makes products to celebrate the lives of the people and pets that we love and have to say goodbye to.  Pet Perennials is a one-of-a-kind pet memorial product that brings forth new life, from the love of a pet. 


The Pet Perennials memorial product combines a small portion (1/2 of a tablespoon) of the cremated remains of a beloved pet with a nutrient rich planting matrix and flower seeds creating a one of a kind flower planting product that can be enjoyed year after year.  Pet Perennials products are offered in a “Custom” option which are handcrafted with love by its team of crafers, or in a do-it-yourself version called MiY Pet Perennials Kit (Make-it-Yourself Pet Perennials) - a wonderful healing activity for families with children.  However, no matter who makes the memorial seed wafers, Pet Perennials will be enjoyed year after year in a flower garden or along a favorite walking path as a living memorial for a pet. 

While losing Olive was very difficult, Olive's loss inspired a new way of thinking and a new business venture.  Being business veterans, Remy and Lori were not intimidated to launch Pet Perennials.  Actually, it has been very exciting for them to learn the ins and outs of two major industries, Funeral Services and Pet Products.  Cherished Ones is on the ground floor of the convergence of these industries and bringing fresh, unique options to pet parents and families everywhere.

Cherished Ones' people product, BloomEssence is currently in development along with a pet centric greeting card line, so stay tuned and keep an eye on this Pittsburgh based start-up. 

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