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A Dad and His Dog: Get Smart

Remy Bibaud | 03 March, 2020

            Pet Door Photo courtesy SureFlap - C/net Smart home technology for pet owners petperennials.com

Smarthome Devices for Pets and Pet Owners

Of the many things I enjoy, yelling at machines is one of my favorites. Sorsha and I are of the mindset that technology is to be barked at, not trusted. That being said, there are a host of new smart gadgets available for you and your critter. 

On a certain level, these devices make sense. You talk to your dog. Smarthome tech makes you talk to your house. Now, you can talk to your house for your dog.


Here are some of the latest and greatest smart home products designed for pets.


Furbo Dog Camera

On the surface, this gadget is a wireless pet camera that allows you to see your dog, cat, bird, lizard, or other critter from anywhere across the world. It has HD resolution and even offers night vision. 

But that's just the beginning. The Furbo Dog Camera has so much more. The camera also doubles as a two-way audio, serving as a kind of walkie-talkie, even though, you know, it doesn't walk. The camera can also ping your phone if it senses heavy barking - meaning that it also works as a home defense device, alerting you when your dog senses intruders. To top it all off, Furbo can even release a treat to your pet, to reward them for defending your homestead.


Smart Pet Feeder and Smart Water Bowl

If you are looking for a simpler way to feed your pet, try the Smart Pet Feeder. No cameras here - just an extendable tray that you can activate with your smartphone. Keeping your animal on a feeding schedule has never been easier.

On a related note, the Premier Pet Fountain can give your critter fresh water with the click of a button on your phone. It also has an onboard filter. Taking care of your pet from afar has never been easier.


Wüf Smart Dog Collar

There are many smart dog collars on the market, but this one gets my attention for it's enticing deployment of the almighty umlaut (those intimidating double dots above any vowel but i). But that's not the only reason. This puppy (heh) does it all.

The Wüf Smart Dog Collar has live GPS tracking. It integrates with virtual fences. It acts as an invisible leash. It tracks your pets health and activity. It even acts as a two-way communicator. With all these features, it's basically your dog's very own smartphone. 

The collar easily surpassed its Kickstarter goal and is hotly anticipated by smart enthusiasts everywhere.


PetSafe SmartDoor

Pet doors are a great convenience (for dogs that are much, much smaller than Sorsha), but many people shy away from them for fear of strange or wild animals entering their household.

Fear no more with the PetSafe SmartDoor. This pet door responds to the SmartKey attached to your dog's collar and automatically opens when they come in proximity of the door. This prevents stray critters or other security risks from breaching your door.

Are you a pack leader? No worries. This device can be programmed with up to five SmartKeys, and you can force-lock it to keep your pets in (or out) for as long as you like.


The Smartest Thing

Smarthome devices for your pets are a blast. But they're also a novelty. Please remember, having a connected device cannot replace making an actual connection with your animal, or other people. Use it to enhance your relationships, not substitute for them.


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