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5 Safety Tips for Children Who Live with Their Dogs  Guest Blog by Sarah Walker

Remy Bibaud | 06 July, 2021

            Children and Pets Safety Tips PetPerennials.com

Who does not love to have pets at home?

They are a source of joy and are delightful! Dogs are a man's best friend, and their companionship has no comparison.

However, having a pet dog at home has its drawbacks. Is it always safe to have a pet in the house?

What about raising a child alongside raising a pet? Is it a wise choice?

Safety Tips for Children Living with Dogs PetPerennials.com by Sarah Walker

Picture Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/EEN1eiUrZYY

Well, it is not entirely an unfavorable option. It is possible to have children and a pet in the same house. Several families around the world do this, and you can do it, too.

The only condition is that you must be twice more vigilant and cautious now that you are planning to have two mischievous creatures in the house.

Here are a couple of tips you need to keep in mind to maintain harmony in your house.


1. The Dog and Baby Should Not Be Left on The Floor at The Same Time

Something is bound to happen if both are on the floor at the same time. 

Imagine your child crawling on the floor, and he sees a furry dog right in front of them. Not only will they be startled, but they may start crying out of shock. 

Infants are not used to having pets around. It is not an innate behavior to live with a dog. However, infants enjoy their time with most pets, but this is not enough for us to leave our kids sliding against the floor while the pet dog is already loose in the house.

Try to keep the baby on a chair, in your arms, in a crib, or a baby walker when you have dogs inside the house.

At such a tender age, it is best to keep some distance between the two.


2. Never Leave Your Dog and Your Child Out of Your Sight 

This possibly must be the most crucial part of having a dog and a child in the same house. Do not let your pet and your kid go out of sight.

Try your best not to leave them alone in a room. Make sure you always accompany them because you would never know what can happen next.

Many things can go wrong, and you want to protect your child, as well as your pet dog, from every sort of harm. 

They sure can interact with one another, but only under your strict supervision. Otherwise, it is best to keep them away from one another.


3. Teach Your Children to Not to Be Aggressive Towards the Dog

You may be extensively training your dog to behave nicely in the house and especially around the child. However, you need to teach a thing or two to your kiddo.

Train and teach your kids to also behave well around the canine friend.

You need to strictly prohibit them from sitting on the dog, shouting at them, or throwing things at them.

Most dogs are innocent and are not used to violent behavior, so they do not react. Even then, it would help if you understood that a dog might become aggressive and lash out at your kid.

Children and dogs should develop a bond of love and affection. No one likes a bullying child who makes other being’s lives a living hell.


4. Children Should Not Snatch Food from The Dog’s Mouth

Children and babies are naive.

 Even if it is a loving Pitbull or the adorable Great Danes, your child has no idea how dogs would react if they snatch their food or something from their mouths.

Keep your kid away from the dog while they are eating or vehemently chewing on something. Your dog is going to get upset and feel neglected.


On the other hand, other dogs may even lash out. So, it would help if you kept things going smoothly before something worse occurs.


5. Make Your Child Responsible Enough to Take Care of The Pet

As the child grows with having a pet dog around the house, you must teach them some responsibilities of taking care of the family friend.

Not only will they become better friends with the dog and build a robust bond with them, but your child will also grow up as a responsible and loving human being. They will also act responsibly and sensibly with other things because they grew up making sensible decisions early in life.


Last Words

Having children and dogs is a great idea. With some precautions and proper management, your family can get well with each other.

Your pet and your kid will turn out as best pals as they grow up together.


Sarah Walker is a fitness expert who blogs about fitness, positivity, and mental health and is founder of dogfooddesire.com. She shares pearls of wisdom to hopefully, assist individuals live meaningful and progressive lives. Sarah hopes to assist people in aligning their lives according to their goals and objectives.


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