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Don’t Cloud Your Grief With Guilt by Ann Marie Hoff

Remy Bibaud | 23 February, 2021

            Samson The Therapy Cat AnnHoff.com Animal Communicator

Ann Hoff is an Animal Communicator. Ann contributes a weekly article to our Facebook group, "I Am Not Crazy Because I Talk To the Animals."

One of the things I come across when people talk to their pets on the other side, is their guilt and remorse over the way they handled the illness and crossing of their pet. It can be devastating to not let yourself off the hook, and it compounds your grief. Many times a pet hides their illness and doesn’t tell us. Or, we are dealing with an accident, and we have to make decisions quickly, then second guess our choices after the fact. 

This is complicated today because we have to make decisions with cancer treatments and other medical advances that were not available to pet owners just a few years ago. I have had two owners spend over $14,000 on treating cancer in their cats this year, only to have that cat still pass away. It can get expensive, and a good outcome is still not guaranteed. Plus, what do you consider a good outcome? Living another year? Being around but not in perfect health? 

Unless you are an empath or talking to one (like me), you don’t know how your pet really feels or how they want their treatment of their illness to go. It helps to have your pet on board with their medical treatment. Some cats I have found get very upset when their humans initiate treatment without their permission.  Cats also have very distinct opinions on whether they want to live or die. (Cats tell me that they do not lose consciousness from life to death, so for them, dying is like walking from the kitchen to the living room.). So they are more upset over prolonged periods of feeling lousy than they are dying. (It also seems like some cats can die at will, but that is a topic for another blog-)

Have you wondered how your pet is doing after they cross the Rainbow Bridge? OR, have you ever thought (after bringing a new pet into your home), “If I didn’t know better I’d say this is my cat (dog) reincarnated.”?

One of my greatest joys is telling people that have lost a pet that their pet has reincarnated back to them. The first time this happened was a few years into being an Animal Communicator. A client from Las Vegas who I had helped her cat cross a few months before called me. She had gotten the urge to go to the shelter in town that day. I got the feeling she needed to go too, that her cat was coming back to her in another body (at this time I didn’t know if I believed in this, but that is what the Angels told me). She called me back a few hours later. The perfect kitten with the same white spot between his ears that her previous cat had was there. She adopted him on the spot. When she got him home, he curled up next to her on the same spot on his predecessor did.

After having numerous clients have similar stories, I started to believe in reincarnation of pets. I looked to other animal communicators and they were all finding the same thing, the animals were reincarnating. I started to have pets in heaven tell me when they were planning on coming back to their owners. I became a believer.

So today, I was petting Buffy. I looked again at her tiny paws. It made me flash to when I was giving a talk on animal reincarnation a few years ago. I was talking about the subject, and the angels showed me a picture of my first cat I remember, Sherry. I was 6, and she met me in the barn at the same place every day. She wouldn’t sit, but would march back and forth, back arched, getting petted. I marveled at how small and petite her paws were. The Angels showed me those are the same paws of my cat Buffy now. They showed me Buffy was Sherry. I had almost forgotten about that. But the angels reminded me. They again showed me the same paws.

I had been talking to Buffy about why she is fat. I have 4 cats, and Buffy is the only one who is overweight. The Angels reminded me of how skinny Sherry was, how she kept having litters of kittens and never really being able to gain any weight. So now, in this life, she has the luxury and time to indulge. So, she does. It made perfect sense to me. That is the reason. It makes me wonder about clearing her karma, so she can live fully in this moment without attachment to lack in a past life.

Do you have a pet you think has reincarnated back to you? Or sometimes cats will share a body to let a former cat visit, I have seen many examples of that. If you want to know for sure, come to our Facebook live and I will tell you what the Angels have to say about it!

Ann Hoff is on our group’s Facebook live event the last Wednesday of every month, 7 pm ET. Join us this month as Ann advises us on how to tell if we’re sharing life (again) with a former pet.


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Ann is a frequent contributor to Pet Perennials and a regular member of our FB Group. To learn more about her work visit AnnHoff.com

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