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Do You Want to Put up a Memorial for Your Pet’s Life? by Ann Hoff

Lori Davidson | 26 January, 2022

            Ann Hoff & PetPerennials.com Discuss Memorials for Pets

Ann Hoff is a regular contributor to our FB Group “I Am not Crazy Because I Talk to Animals” and leads a monthly Zoom call with members wishing to chat with a pet, or simply ask Ann a question.

Does it make sense to you to put up a memorial for your pet? What about a celebration of their life? I know every pet I talk to in heaven is deliriously happy, feeling healthy and young again. It always strikes me as amazing the differences in vibration between those that have moved on to heaven and those missing them here on the earthly plane. Pets in heaven tell me that they want their owners to feel the bliss of heaven. They love knowing that their humans are okay, missing them, but moving through the sadness. 

As a human medium, when people on the other side come through to talk to loved ones, they don’t say what job they had or what they did for a living. They mention those delightful stories of the love that was shared, the laughter that happened, the odd habits that were theirs alone. The fact that they love you, or even more common, that they were proud of you is what they remember and how they want to be remembered. 

 When pets come through from the other side, it is usually with pure love. They also say the crazy things they loved to do. That they are healthy and out of pain. That you shouldn’t feel guilty for the choices you made about their health care. After all, they are in heaven, sheer bliss, so what is there that you are feeling guilty or sad about?

If you get a group of people who love the one who passed together to have a celebration of life, that is more in line with how the beings in heaven feel. The beings in heaven can see these, and they totally enjoy everything that happens. I know we need to grieve, and that grief is a dragon of emotion that can come up at any time until it dissipates. Life will go on without the missing loved one. But acknowledging that they lived, celebrating their life, placing something in this world that says that being existed and was loved, it totally relevant.


I used to like planting trees to remember loved ones passed, but that was when I was on the farm where there were unlimited places to plant trees. Now, giving a memorial to a pet shelter, hanging a wind chime in your back yard, putting a memorial bench where you can sit and enjoy nature while remembering the deceased, I find the best way to go.

PetPerennials.com Memorial Windchime

There are as many ways to memorialize your pets as there are pets in this world. A memorial says I love you and will always remember you. That you are important to me. That before the grief came an awful lot of joy. Your life is forever changed because they were in it. Putting something that remembers that is an honor worth doing. I promise you; your pets can see it and feel your emotions from heaven. You are always connected to who you love. Even death doesn’t change that.

Then one day, you will be sitting on that bench, or hear the wind chimes ring, and be reminded of your loved one. It will bring a smile to your face, how much fun the two of you had together. That your loved one was truly one of a kind, and never to be forgotten. In fact, you will swear you can feel them there by your side, because in spirit, they are.



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