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Animal Spirits: Are they visiting you? Guest Blog RVP

Lori Davidson | 25 January, 2023

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Reposted with permission of Demetri Welsh RVP Platform Jan 20, 2019. Raw Vegan Psychic is an online psychic reading and energy work platform.


Let's face it, we all love our pets. They become a vital member of our family, providing us priceless unconditional love. When they hurt - we hurt. When they are happy - we are happy. Losing a pet is just as hard if not harder than losing a family member. We are losing a big chunk of our life, and that is a piece of our hearts that seems impossible to ever heal. In this article, I want to talk about some signs that your pet's spirit is visiting you, that they are okay, that they love you and that it is time to start the healing process.

The first sign that your pet is visiting you from beyond the grave is the fact you are hearing their paws walk around on the floor. This is a very bitter-sweet sign, because this is the sound that you grew to love. You knew that your pet was around, and you felt safe. After their passing, the house was quiet... too quiet. You are now starting to hear their paws around the house again - the only thing is they are gone. This is a huge sign that your pet is okay, is happy, and most importantly is still around you.

The second sign that I want to discuss is the fact you still hear their collar. This has a lot to do with the first sign. You grew accustomed to this sound. It brought you joy. You would hear it day in and day out - the sound of that collar meant happiness wasn't too far behind. Now that your pet is gone, a huge piece of your life is missing. Even after their passing, you are starting to hear this sound again - and you know it is your pet, letting you know they are around, and they still love you.

The third sign that your pet is visiting you in spirit form is you can hear and/or feel their breath at times, right around you and you know it is them. You better than anyone else knows what the sound of their panting or breathing is. They used to lay right next to you, rolling on their back, or running up and down the yard or house, playing like it was going out of style. You would recognize the sound anywhere. You are hearing it every now and then, when you least expect it, and again, you know it is them. This is their spirit coming to you, letting you know they are still around, playing just as hard as ever, and they love you more than words could ever say.

The fourth sign today is you feel them curl up and lay right next to you in bed - the only thing is they are no longer living. Even in life, your pet loved you to pieces. They couldn't stand to be away from you. They would always curl up to you no matter where in the house you were. Now after their passing, sometimes you still feel them curl up next to you. This really touches your heart. Sometimes it makes you sad, while other times it is a great healing energy. Either way, you know it is them, and they know your heart is still hurting. This is them coming to you even after death, to be next to you, and to heal you.

The fifth, and most common sign that your pet is visiting you even after death is the fact you see them out of the corner of your eye. It is only for a split second. Sometimes it can be a full apparition of them, or sometimes just a shadow sized like them. This is out of the corner of your eye, and only for the shortest of seconds. When you look back - they are gone. This is the most reported sign and can be one of the most healing signs. Seeing your pet after their death is a validation that not only do, they still exist in spirit form, but also that they love you enough to make themselves known to you in spirit form. This is truly special and is a validating sign that your pet is okay, they love you and are still around.

The sixth sign today is one that happens soon after their death. A new friend makes their way into your life, and you weren't even looking. This often comes in a baby form, whether it is a puppy, a kitten, a baby rabbit, a baby bird or whatever - the Universe seemingly paved a path for this new friend to enter your life, and you just know that it was sent by your late pet. This is a sign that your deceased pet wants you to be happy and doesn't want you sad they are gone. They don't want you to be alone and have therefore sent you a new friend. They want you to know you have their full approval, and just because you now have this new friend, they will never be gone. This is a special sign and really shows you the unconditional love that animals so freely give to us.

The seventh and last sign today that your dearly departed pet is still around you, you will notice their old toys being misplaced around the home or yard. You have already picked them up since they have been gone, and you have not touched them since. However, you will come home from the store, or from work - only to see that their favorite toy is now out in the middle of the floor, or in the middle of the yard. You don't have any other animals - and you definitely don't play with the toys. This is a huge sign that they are very much still around, being their happy (or grumpy) old self's. They want you to be happy too - so by putting their toy back in the middle of the floor, they are letting you know not to be sad anymore, that they are still protecting their favorite person on earth: you.

You see, losing a pet can break our hearts right in two. It can bring us lower than anything else on the planet. I want you to know that even though your pet may be gone in physical form, their spirits are still very much around. Pet's heaven works in a lot of the same ways as ours do: it is exactly whatever we imagine it is. Our pet's live for our love, for our affection, and there is no place else they would rather be than right at our sides, making us smile. That is their heaven - so when they pass away, their spirits are right back with us the majority of the time, and you can count on the fact they are giving you signs they are still around. So if any of these signs apply to you that I have spoken about, you can bet that your dearly beloved is still around, still happier than every - and they want you to know they are doing just fine!

Are you having any of these signs? Let others know in the comments below, and don't forget to share this article with your friends and family.


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