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Animal Communicator Looks to the Angels and Art to Help People and Pets

Remy Bibaud | 08 December, 2020

            Animal Communicator Ann Hoff Therapy Dog Lucy

Pet Inspirations: Ann Marie Hoff, AnnHoff.com

Please tell us about your company and what role(s) you play.

My company is AnnHoff.com. I am an Animal Communicator, Intuitive Medium and Artist.

I do sessions with pets & their people. Then I also have 3 lines of paintings, Got Balls 4 Pets, All Souls Day Kittenz and the Monarch series. These donate 15% of the profits to Kitten Care and spay/neuter organizations.  I do portraits of dogs and cats, ceramic platters with pet themes and human and pet jewelry.

How and when did you start your business? Was it inspired by a pet?

I have been an Animal Communicator for 25 years now. One of the things that made me realize I had to do it full time was when I was speaking to a group of horse owners. A girl raised her hand and asked me if a horse could tell me if someone was beating them. I told her absolutely, YES. I could tell by the look on her face that she had been hitting her horse when no one was around, and thought she was getting away with it. In almost every group of horse owners I spoke to, somebody had that question, and the corresponding dirty look when I said yes. I realized that I had to help horses and other animals get their point of view out to their owners as much as possible.

I have always wanted to be an artist. I do ceramics, and have been collected world-wide. When I got into animal communication I shifted to make art that I could take further distances without the hassle, and went back to painting. It was a natural progression to move from figure portraiture to portraiture of animals.

Do you have a pet(s) that joins you at work, what are their names and roles

I currently have 4 cats, Samson, who is the top cat of course), Samson is 4, and has been a therapy cat for 3 years. I have Peaches, Samson’s girlfriend, Redford who is considered Samson’s son, and Buffy who at 7 was my very first foster kitten. All of the cats I have now were foster kittens that knew they were home.

I have one dog, a Bichon named Lucie who is a therapy dog, and one horse, Rowdy, who is a registered Paint horse that I raised. I owned his mother and raised many babies from her. She had a Sarcoma that was fatal, and when she died I kept Rowdy to have a connection to her.

I really enjoy having Samson and Lucie as therapy pet ambassadors. We go into a mental health hospital, Tucson Medical Center Hospital, and local events. I get to interact with people who need my help thru my pets. Also, every day we do pet therapy confirms to me what a gift dogs and cats are to humans. They really help in so many ways.

What makes your business or brand unique?

The interesting thing about Animal Communication is that it always helps, sometimes in ways you hadn’t thought were possible. The majority of what I do comes down to 1. Helping diagnosis medical conditions (I get how the animal actually feels, and know if they would like to proceed with treatment or not have heroic measures). 2. I find lost pets. I have found lost pets in Canada, and England from being on the phone with their owners. I can tell you usually if your pet is alive or dead, what the conditions are around them, how they feel, how they got to where they were, whether or not they are with a human. 3. Behavioral Issues; (which is most of what I do) inappropriate peeing, barking too much, scratching or not eating. Many times a simple discussion with the pet will solve the issue. 4. Animals on the other side; talking to beloved animals who have passed to see how they are & answer questions you may have. 5. To get to know your pet better! My personal favorite! I have found that everyone’s pet comes to them with a purpose & likes a job. It is rewarding and inspiriting to find out what your pet’s purpose is in your life.

How does your business help other pet lovers like you?

I believe in human created art. It is a way to communicate and bring whimsy into your environment. I love painting dog, cats, horses and working with color. Art is a way to communicate, and I use it to bring awareness to certain issues that would change if more people knew about it. Currently I have three series of paintings with a social agenda. The Monarch Butterfly series, to bring awareness to the precarious situation the Monarchs find themselves in, they migrate 2,500 miles from Canada to Mexico, and their lands are being encroached upon. There is a 53% decline in Monarchs from 2018-2019 to 2019-2020 alone.

Then I have my All Souls Day Kittenz series. I do a pastel painting in Day of the Dead Style of each of the foster kittens I have had, to bring awareness to the fact that too many kittens still die in shelters because of inadequate care when young. If we had more foster care families, than the kittens could be saved. Plus, my series is happy & fun, showing us all the joy that young vibrant kittens bring to the world. Even more reason to save them!

My first series is Got Balls for Pets. It features paintings of cats and dogs, with their favorite ball toy. It is a tongue in cheek poke at getting your pets neutered. One way to stop the pet overpopulation is to make sure that every pet is born to a wanted home, instead of being a “mistake”, Of course the joy of a pet having their favorite toy is hard to look at and not be happy.

All of my paintings are on clothes and accessories at: https://shopvida.com/collections/ann-hoff . We also have photos of Samson that you can wear on clothes on the Vida site.

“Without art, it seems as if no one lives in your house” Catherine Bailey

What qualities have made you successful or do you feel are important for inspiring leaders?

I have a 4th degree black belt in TaeKwonDo and 2 reserve-world championships in Western Riding from the American Paint Horse World Show. I have always been successful at anything that I do, because I have tenacity. A winner is just someone who gets up one more time than they fall. What I have passion about, what I enjoy, I have continued to do my most of my life. I have never been a full time artist, but I also never quit producing art even with a full time job. Now, I have an additional passion- I am helping people understand their animals better, to live with them in harmony, in joy. I am working so that everyone sees the beauty and joy in pets, that they are sentient beings who have come to enrich our lives. Also, that the deeper relationship you have with your pet, the more enjoyment you will get from it.

I know I have been blessed to have the talent to be able to create my artistic visions. Being connected with spirit and channeling Angels really is a super power. The Angels tell me what ‘

The results would be of the choices I make, so I have insight now that was missing before. I feel strongly on purpose, that I was meant to change the world with these gifts. That helps gets me thru the down energy days.

Where can someone get more information about your business?

To find out even more about me, visit my website at AnnHoff.com, or read my book, Animal Lover, one woman’s fantastic journey to uncover the spiritual purpose of pets, available on Amazon. Also I blog for I’m not crazy to talk to animals Facebook group every week on Weds. Then my phone number is 520-349-3909 if you want information or to book a session.  I also blog at AnnHoff.com and for KatzenbergBlog.com

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