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A DOG'S LIFE SPAN by Anthony Bennie

Lori Davidson | 28 December, 2022 | 2 Comments

            Lifespan of a Dog Anthony Bennie PetPerennials.com Dec 2022 Grief Blog

Originally posted on April 15 on Clear Conscience Pet. Shared with the author's permission.

“Why can’t dogs live as long as humans?”

This lament is often heard when humans mourn the loss of a beloved family dog. But in those times of grief, we may find a sliver of comfort by remembering that dogs feel the passage of time very differently than we do. They live every day in the moment, unencumbered by knowledge of their own mortality. Dogs experience a full life, whether it lasts two years or twenty. If you share your life with canine companions, you’ll experience the joy of multiple canine lifetimes as well as the sadness of several end-of-life transitions. 

As deeply painful as it is when we lose our dogs, they are giving us a final gift at the end of their lives. We have experienced the grief of losing several dogs, cats, and small animals over the years, and it never gets easier. But if we open our hearts to receive it, dogs and other animals offer us the opportunity to gain profound spiritual wisdom at the end of their earthly lives. What do they teach us? 

  • Dogs teach us how precious life is, and remind us how blessed we are to be alive every day
  • Dogs teach us to love and care for another being, with no expectation of reward except the satisfaction of providing them the best life possible
  • Dogs teach us to grieve deeply, yet survive and move on
  • Dogs teach us that we can love again after an unbearable loss
  • Dogs teach us that the end of earthly life can be a peaceful transition
  • Dogs teach us to share our grief openly, so that we may be comforted by sharing our experiences, and offer comfort to others suffering from losing a beloved animal or human companion.

You will suffer great pain when a dog that you love dies. But as you grieve, allow yourself the grace and spiritual healing that comes from knowing that you provided your companion with the very best life you could.  Take comfort in knowing that your dog didn’t feel cheated by the length of their life. They lived every day to the fullest, they felt safe and warm as lifetime members of your family pack, and they always felt the power of your love.

The greatest gift you can give to your departed companion is to keep the cycle going.  Don’t rush to “replace” your beloved companion; you never will. But don’t allow the pain of loss to close your heart to loving and caring for another special soul. There is always a dog out there who is meant to be with you, and if your spirit is open and observant, you will find each other when the time is right.

By Anthony and Amanda Bennie, © 2022
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Comments (2 Responses)

24 January, 2024

Debra Rankl-Peterson

Thank you both, for the love of close friends, whether human or canine. I have experienced much loss in the past year, as you know. It’s very difficult to grieve the loss of our fur babies … more so than humans. I love you both and hope you will always be a part of my life. Your friendship and understanding surpasses what most people can conceive. You both are a blessing! Hugs with love
Deb & Willow

30 March, 2023

Anthony and Amanda Bennie

Thanks to our friends at Pet Perennials for sharing “A Dogs Life Span.” We wrote this back in March after losing our beloved Taylor Bay, and we have been grateful for the wonderful response from others who are grieving. We hope that it can offer a tiny bit of comfort to others who have lost an animal family member.
God bless our dogs and all animals; caring for them makes us better humans.
Anthony and Amanda Bennie
Clear Conscience Pet
Cape Coral, FL

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