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A Dad and His Dog: Getting Grateful for More Than Gravy

Lori Davidson | 01 November, 2022 | 1 Comment

            A Dad and His Dog: Getting Grateful PetPerennials.com Nov 2022 Blog

Dog Dad Zack Manko and his dog Sorcha remind us to be grateful every single day. After all, it is the month of giving thanks, right?

It’s no secret Thanksgiving Day is the king of November. There may be other holidays, but this one takes the cake (or pumpkin pie). However, there are a few other days that have been slowly encroaching on king turkey’s kingdom.


Over the past handful of years, Thanksgiving Day has slowly transformed into Thanksgiving week. Starting with Black Friday there are now more and more “holidays” centered around consumerism that have taken up residence right next to Turkey Day on the calendars. Now, we know what you’re thinking. When stores throw up the Christmas decorations two days after Halloween, it rubs Sorsha the wrong way, too.


That being said, it is important to try to find the upside to everything, even annoying non-holidays. The silver lining, if you will. After all, that’s what being thankful is all about, right? Finding the good amongst the bad and being grateful for it.


Thus, Sorsha and I are here to talk to you about making the most of these new-fangled holidays, and how to enjoy them, instead of letting them get the best of you. Rest assured, there is still good to be found—even in Black Friday!


Bark Friday

A popular spin on the Black Friday “tradition” is Bark Friday. Many companies have been doing something pet-themed for the day after Thanksgiving. For example, some places are opening their doors to four-legged friends for the first time, and others are offering treats to fidos that show up for some post-turkey shopping.


Additionally, many pet-based businesses have special deals on this day. If you’re shopping for a pet lover in your family (or maybe even one of their pets!) then be sure to start scouting out deals for Bark Friday now. Remember, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical gift or object.


You could hunt down a gift card, or maybe purchase a service from a pet-based business. For example, you could get a grooming session for the family dog, or a dog from your extend family. Brother got a new Fido that runs amok? Track down some obedience lessons to keep the canine companion in line. There are many possibilities to turn Black Friday into Bark Friday.


Need extra convincing? Consider supporting a local business—even if that means waiting an extra day . . .


Shop Local on Small Business Saturday

While many of us may roll our eyes at the thought of big businesses and Black Friday, it’s hard to get mad at small businesses trying to make the most of the holiday shopping season. Small Business Saturday is the perfect day to shop local and help out a nearby company.


Pet Perennials is one such small business, so if you have a mind for great pet-themed gifts, we’ve got some deals for you. Although we focus on pet loss memorials and life milestone gifts, we have many great stocking stuffers to put the bow wow in your holidays. For example, we have some great pet-themed Christmas ornaments to deck out your tree. Additionally, our crystal rainbow pet-themed suncatchers also double as fantastic ornaments for Christmas.


Of course, there's also our air fresheners, like the "Sleigh the Holiday" air freshener. These air fresheners are the perfect stocking stuffer and are cute in more places than just the car. Try them around the house--maybe by the kitty litter?


Cyber Monday

Black Friday has a lot of baggage. Sure, there are amazing deals to be had, but there’s also plenty of obstacles. There’re long lines, cold temperatures, and early (late) hours. There’s surly competition. There’s post-turkey drowsiness. Put it all together, and it’s a lot less appetizing than another scoop of mash potatoes.


If this sounds about right to you, then never fear, Cyber Monday has you covered. This day is overflowing with deals like the gravy boat of an overzealous grandmother. And just like that gravy, these deals will make you feel good now and later (OK, so maybe it’s not like gravy).


Cyber Monday deals are typically online only, which, nowadays, is more commonplace than actually going to a store for many of us. Thus, you can shop from the comfort of your sofa or favorite chair, in your pajamas (or out of them, we won’t judge). Plus—no lines!


Most importantly (at least to Sorsha and me), this day falls far and away from Thanksgiving Day proper. That gives you the whole long weekend to spend with your family, crushing leftovers and powering down some eggnog.


Special Side Note

With all this food talk in this installment, we’d be remiss if we didn’t throw out a few quick canine safety tips. Before you scrape that plate into Fido’s dish, make sure there’s nothing dangerous or toxic for dogs! Be aware of common food poisons, or things which could potentially be a choking hazard.


And definitely NO ALCOHOL for dogs!


Giving Tuesday

If you don’t get swept up in the Thanksgiving Day shopping craze, don’t worry. The week after still has a non-holiday option which may intrigue you.


Giving Tuesday is a day centered around making donations. Instead of cashing in on deals, consider making a contribution to a local charity or cause. Many people and organizations are in need during these stressful economic times, so if you have the means, it could do your soul some good to help others.


Got no means, but still have the motivation? Don’t worry, you can still make a difference. Consider volunteering your time on this day. Besides the local animal shelter or soup kitchen, there might be a nursing home or similar facility that you could volunteer your skills or services to.


Get Grateful, Stay Grateful

Remember, being thankful is about being grateful for what you have, even when times are tough, even when things are going wrong. If all you have to gripe about is how annoying Black Friday is, then that’s something to be thankful about right there.


So, this Thanksgiving, find some coupons, support your small business, then eat an extra helping for Sorsha and me, and stay in with your family.


Happy Thanksgiving!


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15 November, 2022

Anthony Bennie

Well done! There IS a gravy you can share with your dogs guilt free: SuperGravy.

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