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A Dad and His Dog: Christmas Gift Guide

Lori Davidson | 06 December, 2022

            A Dad and His Dog: Christmas Gift Guide

Dog Dad Zack Manko and his dog Sorcha are here to help with gift ideas for the holidays! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or other December holidays, PetPerennials.com has something for every pet lover on your list!

December, and the close of 2022, is upon us—but before we say goodbye to the year, we’ve got the biggest holiday of the year to celebrate! Christmas is just a few weeks away, and while many of us may have made the most of Black Friday sales, there are others that still have some shopping to do. That means it’s time to make a list and jot down those gift ideas.


Christmas gift-getting can be a real challenge for some. Aside from finding the time and resources, it can also often be quite difficult to pick out the right gift for someone. We always want to get everyone the perfect present but knowing what that is can be troublesome. Heartfelt intentions become head scratching as you blunder about trying to find the right present.


Well, blunder no more! Sorsha and I are here to help, with some well-researched suggestions. To make it even easier for you, we’ve organized our recommendations around certain personalities or archetypes. We have a feeling that you’ll recognize some of the characters below and will have some lightbulb moments as you go through the gift ideas for them.


So, fill up that glass with eggnog, whip out a plate of sugar cookies, and get that pencil ready, it’s list-making time!


Roughneck Ron

You know this guy. It’s the dude that likes to complain about social media anywhere except on social media (and that’s not a bad thing). He probably has a gigantic dog, or several large dogs, all of which are named after John Wayne movie characters. He wears flannel, leather, and boots—all year round.


The Celtic Knot Pawprint Ornament should be right up his alley. We’re willing to bet your Roughneck Ron is a fan of traditional cultural symbols and historical customs, so this ornament’s design should be perfect.


Want to have some fun? Get your Roughneck Ron a Don’t Sweat It Air Freshener. Sure, he’s probably not the air freshener type, but you can tell him the headband made you think of him. Better yet, get him the Patriotic to the Bone Car Air Freshener—it comes in Buzz Cut Scent!


Sally the Peach

Sally the Peach is that lady who has been friends of the family for decades. She somehow always remembers your birthday, and your mom is always filling you in on what Sally has been up to lately. Sally has a respectably-sized mutt who is up there in years, and at least one cat.


So, what’s on the list for Sally? First up are some St. Francis Blessings Watercolor Cards. We’re willing to bet that Sally sends out cards of all stripes, so get her something eye-catching to stuff those envelopes with. Also, by getting her fuel for her card-sending, you’ll be letting her know that you appreciate the effort she puts into them.


Want to sweeten the deal for the Peach? Add in this Strawberry Air Freshener. Its “Enjoy the Little Things” theme fits perfectly with Sally’s attitude toward life, and her approach to stationary.


One of the Pack

This is the person who goes all out for their pet. From monogrammed food dishes to custom-knit sweaters, they pour it all into their relationship with their four-legged friend. Luckily, whether they have a canine companion or a feline familiar, you can still surprise them by getting creative with your gifting.


For example, you can cast a wide net with the Kitty Playtime Bundle or Doggie Playtime Bundle. The variety of items contained in these bundles mean you have a good chance of giving them something they may need for their pet—even if it’s just a replacement!


Or try a different tact and get them something that’s meant to be used only once. For instance, the Doggie Ice Cream Pawty Bundle is designed to be a day of fun for an owner and their pooch pal. If it’s a hit, you know what to get them next year, too! To help them calm down after all that partying, get them a Tranquil Aromatherapy Essential Oil Roll-on!


If you start a pet-baking revolution over in their household, you can also get this someone these Paw Shaped Silicone Cake Pans. Perfect to pair with Puppycake Peanut Butter Dog Cake Mix!


All of these gifts are fairly unique, so you can shop with certainty, knowing you’ll be getting this hardcore pet love something unique, fun, and meaningful.


Stocking Stuffers

Now, Sorsha and I understand. There might be someone on your list we didn’t cover here. Someone with eccentric tastes, perhaps. Or maybe it’s that guy that already has everything. It could even be a “dangerous to buy for” person, like an in-law—you’ve got to make those gifting moments count!


If you’re stuck, don’t worry. No matter who you may be shopping for, you can’t go wrong with adding a little extra something in the stocking for them. For example, a Pet Pawprint Photo Ornament is the perfect way to top off a gifting bundle. Similarly, the Sleighing the Holidays Car Air Freshener in lovely almond cookie scent is the ideal holiday present for anyone on your list.


Still unsure about buying for them? Go straight to their heart by getting something for their pet instead! They’ll be thrilled you picked up a Natural Cat Lure or some Canine Calm Essential Oil Roll On for their critter.


Still not convinced? Don’t worry. There’s still one trick up our sleeve—a gift card! Pet Perennials offers gift cards, so if you need to fill up that stocking, add one to your cart.


Keep the Happy in Happy Holidays

Making gift lists and shopping for friends and family is a joy to some, and an annoyance to others. Regardless of how you feel about gift shopping, when the presents are in their boxes and wrapped up tight, remember to take some time to focus on spending time with friends and family this season. It could be by decorating the house. It could be caroling door to door. Whatever it is, find some time to make it happen.


Merry Christmas!

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