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We know how busy you are in running and growing your business every day! We understand you are focused on providing the best grooming services to every one of your clients and their cherished pet. If you’re a mobile groomer, you have even less time with all the travel you do every day. But life happens and suddenly a pet dies.

How will you find the time and the perfect gift to honor that pet’s memory? How will you fit one more thing into your day with the perfect expression of sympathy? We can help. 

Pet Perennials helps you easily commemorate a pet’s memory with unique and heartfelt gifts (for felines, canines and equines) with our completely done-for-you gift service with a personal touch! 

With a Pet Perennials Gift Service account, you select the perfect pet sympathy gift for your client and we take care of everything else on your behalf:

1. Gift-wrapping the gift;

2. Handwriting a card; and

3. Shipping it to the recipient.

You can easily set yourself apart from other grooming businesses (and big box stores like PetSmart and Petco) with our convenient and affordable Gift Services. Remember, people may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel!  Don't take our word for it, see what other groomers have to say!  (scroll down for testimonials)

We offer several package/pricing tiers. For example, our most popular package includes a gift, handwritten card, gift wrap and shipping fees directly to someone with a broken heart for only $24.75.

Show your clients that you care about them and what is important to them.


Interested inWHOLESALEor earning REFERRAL REVENUEfor promoting our gifts?

Benefits of Using Our Gift Service

1.  Unique gift choices for felines, canines and equines.

2.  One-stop-shop for a complete gift package service.

3.  No membership fee for our personalized service.

4.  All gift packages are reasonably priced and fit any budget.

5.  Order on an as-needed basis; no minimums.

6.  Easy-to-order options (phone, text, fax, email and online ordering.)

7.  Show you care about the individual and their pet and not just their wallet. 

Pet Perennials: A convenient and affordable way for busy pet professionals to send thoughtful and personalized gifts to their valued clients.  Pet Perennials does all of the work and ensures the timely delivery of your package to your client's front door so they know they are not alone!