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The Perspective on Grief from the Other Side by Ann Hoff

Lori Davidson | 25 July, 2023

            Pet Loss & Grief Talking to the other side by Ann Hoff PetPerennials.com

When you are at a high vibration, you can’t be sad because it is such a low vibration it is cancelled out in heaven.

One of the things I have the ability to do as a medium is talk to people and pets on the other side. Because I am an empath, I feel how they feel. It is often shocking to me the dichotomy of difference in the feelings I feel in the heavenly being and the human that is my client. It is stark.

The loved one on the other side is out of pain, and coming through with interesting antidotes about their beloved that is still on earth. Plus, it is more than just out of pain, they are downright joyous. They also no longer care about the small complaints or detritus that may have consumed hours of their time before. 

I once did a session for six women who worked together that wanted to talk to their male colleague who had died. When the man came through, he said a few pleasantries and then just sat there beaming and radiating joy like I would imagine Buddha is capable of. The women tried to lure him into their world of gossip and petty grievances from the office- who was using too many office supplies, who talked to loud, who did he think was the prettiest of all of them? The man sat there unscathed. He laughingly said that he no longer cared about any of those earthly experiences, that none of that mattered to him anymore and they couldn’t get him to take sides. In fact, he said he wished he had never chosen sides, and from heaven their office seemed more like hell than he realized when he was alive. None of it mattered, he said. All that can be taken with you is the love.

Most humans I know want to be remembered. They want to leave their mark on the earth, something to prove that they were here, and the world is better for it. With pets, many have specific purposes for the humans they interact with, and they want to know they achieved those goals. Did they help you laugh more? Did you learn how to express your anger at them because they were so rebellious? Did they make you feel safe? These are some of the purposes pets have shared with me. They hope that we learn these things completely enough that we still have them when their physical body is gone. I can’t look at a picture of my cat Elvis doing was on/wax off on the outside window (remember the karate kid?) without laughing. Even though he is no longer with me. 

We are all souls, and we learn from each other. It is one thing that we now have attributes that we didn’t have before we knew our pets. It is another to be able to teach that attribute, to pass it on to others. All my dogs have been extraordinary and have taught me much. I have a depth of patience far greater than before because of my dogs. I have learned that people will treat you pretty much the way you’d expect them to, so why not expect something fantastic? That it is okay to be totally 100% engrossed in a moment and not care how you look to others, you are feeling your feels. That we are all connected, and death of the body does not end that.

Pet Loss Breaks Hearts  What does your pet feel from the other side? Ann Hoff PetPerennials.com

The other thing that might surprise you when I talk to newly deceased pets is this: they are excitedly planning when they will reincarnate again, that they can’t wait to get back to you, to share it with you all again. I compare dogs looking for new bodies like car shopping; they usually like what they had before, but sometimes wouldn’t an upgrade or something different be great? I’ve had Golden Retrievers ask their previous owners if they could come back as Golden Cocker Spaniels so they could ride on a plane in the next lifetime, or a dog with boring Heinz 57 body this lifetime want to come back as a Corgi because they believe that would help them make people laugh. There is excitement with them, just like you have when you get a new car. They trust that the Universe will reunite you again, in fact they know it for sure when they are in heaven. The only thing to do is pick out a body and let the Universe handle the details.

Why despair when the pet you lost is so ebullient? The conclusion I have come to for me is that I miss their physical body. I had my cat Spike reincarnate back to me. I had him for fifteen years the first time, then he came back for 5 more. When he left the second time, he told me that our work on the earthly plane was done for this lifetime of mine. That he had taught me all that he could. I loved that cat. I felt great honor that he would return to me. I also understood that our time was done and let him leave; I didn’t fight him on it. Spike had one black whisker on the left side. Every month or two, my current ginger cat has a black whisker on the left side. I know Spike is visiting. He never stays very long, and I am sure my other cat enjoys the vacay in heaven. That is the cool thing about cats, they don’t lose consciousness from life to death, so they play with the boundaries much more than other species or humans do.

What I have learned from my dogs I want to be able to share with new dogs. I want dog energy in my life, and I do not think another species can love in the same way as dogs. Cats say that dogs love us so much, that they forget their immortality and feel fear of death.

Your higher self knows it is immortal too. Your higher self is you without time or fear. Yet here on earth we create with our emotional bodies, our hearts. If we don’t deal with our feelings, they freeze us in time. So, for the sake of the new adventures out there with pets you’ve had before and pets who are new- move forward through your grief. You will be reunited again, and you want to be ready for it.

 Ann Hoff is a well-known Animal Communicator, Intuitive Medium, and a regular contributor to our FB Group “I Am not Crazy Because I Talk to Animals” and leads a monthly Zoom call with members wishing to chat with a pet, or simply ask Ann a question. This month's content addresses the earthly lessons we learn through loss.


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