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Presidential Paws: Remembering White House Pets on President's Day

Lori Davidson | 16 February, 2024

            Presidential Pets Remembering on President's Day PetPerennials.com Thoughtful pet loss gifts


As we celebrate President's Day, it's not just the accomplishments and legacies of our nation's leaders that come to mind, but also the furry and feathered companions that have graced the White House over the years. Many U.S. presidents have shared the halls of power with beloved pets, offering a glimpse into their personal lives and a softer side of leadership. Today, we take a moment to reflect on those presidents whose pets became an integral part of the first family, and specifically, those whose pets passed away while they were in office.

Presidential Pets in the White House:

Throughout history, various presidents have had a penchant for pets, ranging from dogs and cats to more exotic animals. However, it's the stories of loss and remembrance that touch our hearts. One notable example is Franklin D. Roosevelt, whose beloved Scottish Terrier, Fala, passed away in 1952. Fala was not just a loyal companion but a symbol of comfort during some of the nation's most challenging times.

Similarly, Abraham Lincoln's dog, Fido, left an indelible mark on the Lincoln family. Fido's death in 1865 occurred shortly before Lincoln's assassination and was a profound loss that added to the family's grief during a tumultuous period in history.

Pets as Family Members:

The bond between presidents and their pets goes beyond mere companionship; it reflects a deep understanding of the importance of unconditional love and loyalty. Whether it's the Kennedy family's numerous pets or the Bushes' Springer Spaniel, Millie, these animals become more than just pets—they become cherished members of the first family.

Forever in My Heart: Memorializing White House Pets

While the pain of losing a pet is universal, there are ways to honor their memory and keep them forever in our hearts. Pet Perennials, a company dedicated to providing eco-friendly pet memorials, offers a unique solution. These memorial kits allow pet owners to plant a living memorial that blooms into beautiful flowers, creating a lasting tribute to the furry friend who once brightened their lives.

In addition to planting a living memorial, the "Forever in My Heart" memorial pet photo frame is another touching way to remember a departed pet. This customizable frame allows pet owners to display a cherished photo alongside a heartfelt tribute, preserving the memories that made their pets so special.

Forever in My Heart Pet Loss Memorial Picture Frame Remembrance PetPerennials.com Customizable Gifts


On this President's Day, let's take a moment to appreciate the presidents who shared their time in office with beloved pets, and especially those who experienced the loss of their furry companions. The stories of these pets remind us that, in the grandeur of the White House, it's the small moments of companionship and love that leave a lasting impact.


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Because when you say goodbye to a pet, it's not just a farewell; it's a moment of remembrance, a shared understanding that transcends business and becomes a comforting embrace in the journey of loss.

Lori is co-founder of Pet Perennials and a lifelong animal lover. She currently resides in a small lake community with her two feline companions, Snookie and Pumpkin. 

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