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Pets For Christmas: Should You Gift A Dog Or A Cat? - Excerpts from OH MY DOG! 12/11/18

Remy Bibaud | 17 December, 2019

            Pets For Christmas: Should You Gift A Dog Or A Cat? - Excerpts from OH MY DOG! 12/11/18

PetPerennials.com found a great (and timely) article  © OhMyDogBlog.com and  Maggie Marton, 2009-2019 – post date December 11, 2018.

The article will certainly make you rethink the general commentary this time of year stating, “Do NOT gift a pet for Christmas.” We’ve included some excerpts from the original blog post and thank Oh My Dog for such an insightful, thought provoking viewpoint. Whether you decide to bring a pet into your home at Christmas or anytime of year, prepare appropriately! Then LOVE your new furry family member committing to them FUR-ever!

 I’m sure you’ve seen the headlines:

  • Pets Aren’t Presents
  • 5 Reasons Not to Give Pets as Christmas Gifts
  • Why You Should Avoid Giving Pets as Gifts

As so on. There’s even a massive online campaign from my least favorite, most hated animal group, PETA, that includes a social and blog push for “pets aren’t presents.”

Before we look at the numbers, let’s set three expectations:

First, we’re not talking about giving a puppy to, say, your mailman or your child’s classroom teacher. This isn’t a surprise for your Great Aunt Gladys (unless she explicitly told you all she wants is a kitten). This is a pet gift within your own household. And, honestly, the numbers bear this out anyways… people aren’t giving pets as presents to random people on your list anyways.

Second, every single one of the “don’t give pets as holiday gifts” articles I’ve read included the same theme: Giving a pet as a present brings an animal into an unprepared household. Since every  article includes this same warning–the recipient won’t be prepared–I’m wondering who they think gives the pet. I’m not sure if this is a scenario that assumes you give the pet as the gift and then wash your hands of it, but if we’re talking pets adopted into the same household (see the point above), it’s an expectation on the giver’s part to, you know, give the pet’s supplies along with the pet. Since more often than not this pets-as-presents debate focuses on parents giving their kids a pet for Christmas, well, the parents buy the supplies anyway.

Third, I’m focused solely on dogs and cats. Unfortunately, as with just about every animal welfare topic, there’s little reliable data on small animals, and I’m striving to avoid assumptions or anecdotes in favor of data.

OK, so we’re talking about a dog or cat given as a gift within the household and a responsible adult is involved in the decision. 

Intriqued? Read the rest of the article at Oh My Dog! The site provides great insight on a variety of dog related topics.

Just remember the bottom line:

  1. Don’t give a pet to someone not in your household. Duh.
  2. Make sure an adult is involved in the decision. Also, duh.
  3. Pets make wonderful gifts and giving an adoptable dog or cat a home for the holidays is absolutely lovely–IF numbers 1 and 2 are strictly followed!

 *Content is excerpts only - for full article please visit Oh My Dog!

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