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Pet Perennials - Think Spring - Think Gardens

Remy Bibaud | 02 January, 2015

            Pet Perennials - Think Spring - Think Gardens

Love - Seeds - Life

Today as I watch it snow, I long for blue skies and green grass. And I've begun checking the mail every day for those spring garden catalogs. How about you?

Becoming part of the pet loss community with our living memorial product has proven itself to be far more (on every level) than we initially imagined when Remy and I first conceived the idea of Cherished Ones and Pet Perennials. Little did we realize then the magnitude of this endeavor. And we could never have anticipated the heartfelt gratitude and warmth we'd experience in being able to help those missing their beloved pets move toward healing. How could we have known then how touched we'd be by every story, every loss, every healing we encountered? 

Celebrations of life are becoming more common in the funeral industry. Is this any surprise to most of us? It certainly seems to make sense to focus on the life rather than the loss as we attempt to heal. Of course we all must experience the immediate period of loss, when that hole in the pit of our stomachs is so great it is unimaginable how we'll move through this. It may feel as if we'll never be whole again without having our sidekicks, our companions, our best friends by our side. 

We understand. We aren't suggesting you don't take time to grieve. Feel what you feel for as long as you need to do so. Allow yourself to experience the rituals that remain important to all of us. The rituals are part of the healing process. You talk about your loss. You may watch old videos, finger through old photos and share stories, remembering the love you and your pet shared. And as you go through the motions, you begin to regain some control... 

For those experiencing a recent loss, you know what we're talking about. It's fresh. It hurts. But how many of us have lost a special pet before, maybe years ago, and still miss them? Most "pet parents" have at one time or another experienced the overwhelming loss of our fur (or feathered... or scaled... or... or... ) children before, maybe more than one time. It never gets easier. And often even with time we are reduced to tears on occasion. I know I am.

Are you wishing for a way to honor that favored pet? 

Did you have a favorite walking or riding path? Did your dog or cat love to romp in your yard? Did they play among the flowers? Whether you chose cremation or not... allow us to help you heal from your loss as you create new life from the loss of your pet. Many of us have cremation remains from our pets stored in a closet, or displayed on a mantle. Perhaps you aren't sure what to do with them, but want to do "something more"...

Pet Perennials are available with or without customization. They're the perfect way to seed a memorial garden or mark that favorite path. Every year as your Pet Perennials bloom, you'll be reminded of your beloved pet. Pet Perennials are a colorful living memorial to our faithful companions waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.

Visit our online community and join the conversation. Post a favorite pet baby's photo and tell us why they were so special. Take a look at a few of our "gardens" and consider where you might want to seed a memorial garden in your own yard. 


PET PERENNIALSAre you looking for that special remembrance that celebrates the life of a beloved pet? Are you wishing for a way to help yourself, a child or perhaps a friend heal from the loss of a pet? Whether it is a recent passing or a loss from years ago, PET PERENNIALS provides a beautiful way to honor a pet by bringing forth life from loss... creating a living memorial sewn from the love of your pet. We mix a small portion (half of a tablespoon) of your pet's cremation remains with a nutrient-rich soil/seed matrix, crafting a planting product that will provide enjoyment year after year. Every PET PERENNIALS order is custom- and hand-fashioned with love. Use the 24-30 wafers to create a living memorial garden or drop the wafers along a favorite walking or riding path. Each wafer seeds a 1-square-foot area. Gift certificates and PET PERENNIALS without cremation remains are also available through our online shop at http://www.petperennials.comMiY Pet Perennials KiTs will be available April 2015. All Rights Reserved  Pet Perennials is trademarked with patent pending.

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