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Mother's Day - THE Day of the Year to Remember!

Lori Davidson | 02 May, 2023

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Zack and Sorsha will be sharing a new blog soon. Until then we thought it a great way to kick off May by sharing their tips from a previous post! 


Hello, and thank you to all you moms out there. May of course hosts Mother’s Day, and Sorsha (who is not a mom) and I just wanted to start this installment by paying tribute to all you lovely ladies out there. Thank you for all you do, inside and outside the home. Without you, there would be less hugs, less warmth, and less love in the world.

With that in mind, we have a bunch of mom and motherhood-themed content to dive (or dig, for all of you out there like Sorsha) into.

Give Them a Once Over

Motherhood has its joys, but it is also a tremendous responsibility. Being a pet owner also has its fair share of demands and obligations. One of these is checking your pets for ticks and other pests.

Just like a mother checking their kids over for bumps and ouchies, pet owners should regularly check their animals for anything that could harm their health. Given the rising temperatures, pets are probably spending more and more time outside, and thus are likely to get an unwanted tick or two.

Since May is National Lyme Disease Prevention Month, we invite you to begin this once-over process today! Checking your pet out once or twice a week will go a long way. Remember, humans can get Lyme disease too, so protect yourself, and your loved ones by stopping ticks from entering your home in the first place.

Fostering Further

May is  National Foster Care Month. Many moms and dads out there, in addition to raising their own children, also reach out to support other families by taking care of children in need by becoming foster parents. May is a great time to honor and celebrate these foster parents.

Foster parents can also enhance their caretaking by involving a pet. Pets can help children to express or exhibit emotion more easily, as many of them may not wish (or not have the skills) to verbalise their feelings. Petting a dog can help them get past this by giving them something to focus on, in addition to providing the therapeutic benefits of interacting with a pet. Get them smiling and giggling while playing with a pet, and you are halfway there!

Be aware, however, that some kids may not be interested in pets. They may have had bad experiences with animals in the past, so having them interface with a dog or cat will have the opposite of the intended effect. Do your research and treat each child on a case-by-case basis.

Puppy Mill Action Week

Part of being a good pet owner is ensuring that you acquire your pets from responsible conditions. There are a ton of good breeders and shelters out there. However, there are also those who breed dogs in horrific, heart-breaking conditions.

Puppy mills are one example of such breeders. These places apply the logic of the factory to dog breeding, turning a natural event into a production line, often at the expense of the well-being of dogs and puppies, all for a profit. Dogs in puppy mills typically do not receive proper medical care, and puppies are removed from their mother and sold before they are weaned.

What can you do? Take part in  Puppy Mill Action Week, which is May 3-9. You can join an advocacy organization, adopt a mill survivor, and pledge to use responsible adoptions practices to help curb the existence of puppy mills. No act is too little to stop these terrible places in their tracks!

Fido Film Festival

Need a pick-me-up? Check out this  dog-themed film festival. The Top Dog Film Festival features a pack of heart-warming shorts that celebrate man and his best friend. 

This exciting event celebrates police dogs, medical dogs, rescue dogs, and adventure dogs. These tales are inspirational and uplifting—qualities many of us need right now.

Take a look at what makes our bonds with our four-legged companions so special!

Keeping Tabs

Most mothers out there have worried at some point about just where their kids could be. Whether they forget to call, text, or let you know, our children always end up somewhere without our knowledge.

Our pets are even worse at checking in, so take the extra step to make sure you can keep tabs on them. May is  National Chip Your Pet Month, so be a good owner and get your animals microchipped. 

Getting your pet chipped will help you and Fido have a heartfelt reunion if he or she ever runs off or gets lost. Chipping can be done by most veterinarians, and the procedure takes only minutes to perform. The chips are about the size of a grain of rice, and do not hurt or bother the animal.

After getting your pet microchipped, you can register the chip online. This allows the vet to track the pet later, by using the registered chip number. Furthermore, most dog pounds and shelters have a wand that reads chips, so they can create a report and alert the registry that has the chip number.

It’s a safe, fast, and convenient way to make sure you never lose your pet!

Memorial Day

In addition to moms, May is also the month for Memorial Day. This federal holiday is all about honoring and mourning fallen soldiers and other military personnel. You can observe this holiday by visiting a military cemetery (you may even be able to bring your dog). 

To all the moms out there who have family members that may have died in the performance of their military duties, we offer you our heartfelt thanks.

Don’t Forget Dear Old Mom

Moms are great. Without moms, Sorsha wouldn’t be here (neither would you). No matter what else you do this month, whether it’s getting your pet microchipped, taking a stand against puppy mills, or grooming your dog to check for ticks, be sure to take time out to give your mom a call. 

Better yet, go see her. I bet she misses you.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Don't forget Dog Mom's Day on May 13th! Looking for the perfect gift? Use code DOGMOM at checkout for 15% off. Send mom a little something from her fur kids today!


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