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Founders Desk: First Birthdays

Lori Davidson | 11 August, 2021

            First Birthday Are the Best Cofounder PetPerennials.com celebrates her granddaughter's special day

From the Desk of Lori Davidson – August 2021

In my family, July is a month filled with birthdays. My youngest daughter’s is mid-month and mine is the end of the month. We’ve plenty of extended family with July birthdays also. However, my only grandbaby celebrated her first birthday the end of July. The rest of us had birthdays, yes, but hers became a weeklong celebration!

We all headed to the Bethany Beach area in Delaware to join in the festivities. Minnie Mouse was the theme of the week with outfits, mouse ears for all and a Minnie Mouse smash cake that topped off the birthday dinner.

Smash Cake for PetPerennials.com co-founder Lori's granddaughter's first bday
Lori & Youngest daughter - Auntie YaYa

Me and Auntie YaYa (My Youngest Daughter)

Being a Nana has been such a joyous time in my life. It certainly puts so much in perspective. I love spending time with her but know that at my age the job of “grandma” is far more my speed than “momma”! I’d almost forgotten how much energy a one-year-old exudes!!

She loves to wave hi, slaps a perfect “high-five” and is expanding her vocabulary daily from the basics of momma and dadda. (She jabbers incessantly!) I am smitten as we all are.

One thing this year has reminded me is that it takes a village to raise a healthy child. I’m grateful daily for our village.

But not all of you are grandma age. And not all of us are “hooman” parents. Some of us have fur kids we adore and/or fur grand babies. More and more couples are opting to start their fur families well before even considering adding a child. I know my daughter and her hubby began their family with two cats and two dogs. Sadly, three of the crew were older members and they’ve had to say good-bye over the years.

Lucy, my grand-dog, was part of the week’s celebration though! Having a little person hasn’t taken away from her position as an important family member. She’s the perfect big sis and slobbers all over her sister every chance she gets. Of course, eating from a highchair quickly led to feeding Lucy and the two siblings secured their bond as fur-ever family!

Big Sis Lucy

Big Sister Lucy Goosie

So, whatever the makeup of your family, I wish you as much joy from them as my granddaughter has brought to our family.

Enjoy the dog days of summer with your crew!



P.S. In case you’re wondering where the pics of my granddaughter are, I am honoring her parents’ wishes to not share her photos on social media or through the biz email system. Just know she is one cute child! (I am biased, but she truly is a doll!

Balloons and Decor for My Granddaughter's bday #1

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