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Founders Blog: With Hope Comes New Perspective

Remy Bibaud | 15 January, 2021

            Co-founder Pet Perennials and her Labrador Retriever Harley

Co-founder Remy Bibaud, January 15, 2021

There are many quotes that I could lead with, but that would be cliché. Everyone starts their New Year’s messages this way and like many of you, I couldn’t wait to say goodbye to 2020.

As I write. I realize that the challenges from last year didn’t disappear when the clock struck midnight. In all honesty, did we expect them to? Perhaps, the concept of “closing out” another year and “ringing in” a new one merely provides hope, and with hope comes new perspective.

Webster’s dictionary defines Perspective as the interrelation in which a subject or its parts are mentally viewed//places the issues in proper perspective.

By no means am I making light of the challenges that follow us in to 2021, merely suggesting a different point of view, at least for that which we have some control.

I recall 2012, the year I lost my dog Olive to acute kidney failure. She was my first fur baby and only seven years old. At this time, I owned a consulting firm with an office on Pittsburgh’s Northshore where she held her rightful place on the sofa. She was my constant companion and never complained, no matter the challenges we faced together. That summer I ended my engagement to an abusive, alcoholic whom I tried to save many times, often to Olive and my detriment.

While this was a year full of heartbreaking challenges, they didn’t break my spirit. The relationship limited my perspective, so its “end” was a blessing and in losing my best girl, a seed was planted.

My love for Olive inspired me to sell my consulting practice and form a new company with Lori Davidson called Cherished Ones. We launched our first memorial product, Pet Perennials in 2015. Olive’s cremated remains were used in the prototype.

This spring, for the sixth year in a row I expect to see flowers blooming in her memory on the hillside behind my home. Since its founding, Cherished Ones has morphed in to petperennials.com a Direct-to Consumer gift service that delivers pet sympathy packages to people with broken hearts.

For some, my message will provide a clearer perspective of Pet Perennials, for others I hope it plants a seed. Perhaps now is the time to share a fitting quote.

All my best to you for 2021.

Quote: So I close my eyes to old ends, and open my heart to new beginnings.



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