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A Dad and His Dog: Back to School, So Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks

Remy Bibaud | 01 September, 2020

            Courtesy DallasDogLife.com Professor Back to School

Back to School, So Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks    by Dad Dog Zack Manko

Think you know it all? Or maybe that it's too late to start knowing enough? In either case, you’re wrong. September is back to school time, which means it is time to learn something new. Even if you are an “old dog,” the world is full of fun and interesting subjects to explore. But where do you go to learn the important stuff?

Never fear. Professor Sorsha and I are here to spread some knowledge.


National Ginger Cat Day

Sorsha and I are going to step out of comfort zones and talk to you about a subject we haven’t broached that much here - cats. I’m a dog guy myself, and Sorsha is, well, a dog, so this topic is not something we typically cover. However, we think it’s important to give our orange and red-furred feline friends their due.

September 1st is Ginger Cat Appreciation Day. In our limited feline experience, orange cats are the smartest and best of the species. If you are fortunate to have one of these creatures, show them some extra love today. If you don’t have one, perhaps the time to invest in some fur and purr is now.


Canine Caveat Emptor 

You didn’t expect a Latin lesson, did you?

There are many responsible places to get a pet. A shelter is great. Getting animals from a breeder is also a good bet, as animals from breeders are often healthier and can improve the overall health of the breed. However, one type of place everyone should avoid is the puppy mill.

These “facilities” apply the logic and methodology of the factory into the creation of new animals. Puppy mills are typically overcrowded, filthy institutions that do not offer their dogs veterinary care, proper nutrition, or even affection. They are designed to turn dogs into products, and maximize the “efficiency” of their production, often to the detriment of these canines.

September 19th is Puppy Mill Awareness Day, and the good folks over at Awareness.org are fighting to put an end to these terrible places. They perform rescue operations, host events, support and sponsor puppy mill awareness activities in other organizations, and educate (just like Professor Sorsha). 

Be responsible when you get a new pet. Want to do more? Swing over to Awareness.org to learn more. 


Noses - More than Just Wet

While dogs can be recognized as a species by their paw prints, the canine nose can actually be used to identify individual dogs. Every dog’s nose is like their own unique fingerprint. This method of identification has been used for years, long before the invention of the animal microchip.

That being said, it is still important to get your pets chipped - after all, you can’t use GPS on a nose!


Class Dismissed

September has just started, but you should already feel smarter, not that you are armed with all of the great information in the lessons above. Whether you’re getting out of your comfort zone with an orange tabby, fighting the good fight, or just picking up some useless knowledge, remember to do and learn something new this month.


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