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A Thankful Heart: Celebrating Thanksgiving with Our Furry Friends

Lori Davidson | 22 November, 2023

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A Thankful Heart

As we gather around the Thanksgiving table to express gratitude for the blessings in our lives, let's not forget our beloved four-legged companions who bring immeasurable joy and warmth to our homes. This Thanksgiving let's celebrate the importance of pets, advocate for pet adoption and rescue, and fondly remember those who've crossed the rainbow bridge.

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The Importance of Pets:

Pets hold a special place in our hearts, offering unwavering companionship and unconditional love. Their presence has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and bring overall happiness to our lives. Thanksgiving provides a perfect opportunity to reflect on the joy our pets bring and express our gratitude for their loyal companionship.

Pet Adoption and Rescue:

Thanksgiving is not only a time for gratitude but also a time for giving back. Consider adopting a pet from a local shelter or rescue organization. Many animals are in need of loving homes, and by adopting, you not only gain a lifelong friend but also contribute to reducing the number of animals in shelters. Before you decide to buy a pet, explore the option of adopting and give a second chance to an animal in need.

Pet Adoption

Honoring Memories:

For many, Thanksgiving is a time to remember loved ones, and that includes the furry members of our families who are no longer with us. Take a moment to honor the memories of pets who've crossed the rainbow bridge. Create a small memorial, share stories, and express gratitude for the joy they brought into your life.

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Incorporating Pets into Thanksgiving Traditions:

Make your pets a part of your Thanksgiving celebrations by involving them in traditions. Take them for a special Thanksgiving morning walk, include them in family photos, or create a cozy space with their favorite toys for them to enjoy while you feast. Remember that some pets may find the hustle and bustle of the holiday overwhelming, so provide a quiet retreat if needed.

Pet-Safe Thanksgiving Foods:

While indulging in a delicious Thanksgiving meal, it's important to be mindful of what foods are safe for our pets. Some pet-friendly options include plain cooked turkey (without bones or seasoning), plain sweet potatoes, plain green beans, and plain pumpkin. However, it's crucial to avoid feeding pets foods that are toxic to them, such as onions, garlic, chocolate, and certain artificial sweeteners.


This Thanksgiving let's extend our gratitude to the furry friends who enrich our lives. Whether you're spending the day with a loyal companion, opening your heart to a new pet through adoption, or cherishing the memories of those who've left paw prints on your heart, may your celebration be filled with love, warmth, and thankfulness for the bond we share with our pets.

Lori is co-founder of Pet Perennials and a lifelong animal lover. She currently resides in a small lake community with her two feline companions, Snookie and Pumpkin. 

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