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A Dad and His Dog: The Pet Holidays of June

Lori Davidson | 06 June, 2023

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Dog Dad Zack Manko and his dog Sorcha remind us to include our pets whenever possible, and this month - with World Pet Memorial Day - to remember the pets we loved and lost!

June is chalk full of days and weeklong events designed especially for pet owners. This month has celebrations about the present, days to remember the past, and those that look toward the future. Whether you have a cadre of canine companions or are a feline aficionado, June has a pet holiday with your name on it.

Bring Your Pet to Work Week

The week after Father’s Day is Bring/Take Your Pet to Work Week. Now, we can think of a thousand reasons why Sorsha would be a benefit to the office, but before you bring Fido and friends in the company carpool, check with your employer first if they allow such activities.

If they do, remember that your dog may feel out of place or agitated in this new environment, so take some precautions. Try to bring them in briefly for the first day, to get them acclimated to the workplace. Bring food and plenty of water. Be sure that you are prepared to clean up after them. If they seem ill at ease or aggressive, you should consider trying again next year.

Now, if all goes well and your dog gets along just fine at the office, you’re in for a treat. Pets in the workplace provide numerous benefits. For one, as we all know, they offer terrific companionship, which can be important in workplaces that isolate employees. They have also been demonstrated to boost mood and even improve cognitive functioning. Pets also reduce stress—not that your job stresses you out, right?

However, for many of us, the office and the home are one and the same. Thus, we seemingly take our dog to work every day. Never fear, because even people that work from home can take advantage of this week-long holiday.

For example, you could host a digital "doggy happy hour" in which you encourage your coworkers to bring their pets on camera so that everyone can get to know each other. You could even give them a treat or two. Why not use Pet Perennials’ Paws in the Sand Peanut Butter & Carob Dog Treats made by a specialty bakery in Pennsylvania? Owners could enjoy a drink together (digitally) if the event takes place after working hours!

Of course, all the above could be swapped out with cats in mind, too!

Dog Bite Awareness Week

The second week of June is Dog Bite Awareness Week. Started by the United States Postal Service to highlight the dangers that mail carriers face, Dog Bite Awareness Week emphasizes that aggressive dogs are a safety concern, and encourages owners to take precautions and be responsible with their pets.

Tethering animals appropriately or keeping them inside during normal delivery hours can help prevent dog bites and other injuries. Supervised socializing of dogs with the mail carrier can also reduce the likelihood of incidents.

Mail carriers are trained to never assume that dogs will not bite, and to always keep their eyes on dogs. Naturally, they are also trained to never deliberately provoke a dog, or even to feed or engage with them. Dog bites are entirely preventable injuries, and it is important that both dog owners and mail carriers do their part.

Mail carriers and dogs Dog Bite Prevention Week PetPerennials.com

These tips are good not just for mail carriers, but for the general public as well. More and more people are outside with their pets during the summer months, so the incidence rate of bites increases. Make sure to use caution and common sense when approaching someone else’s pet!

Remember, even good dogs have bad days!

World Pet Memorial Day

The second Tuesday of June is World Pet Memorial Day. Falling on the 13th this year, the American Veterinary Medical Association started this holiday with the purpose of encouraging pet owners of all kinds to honor and celebrate their furry companions that are no longer with us.

For many of us, pets are an integral part of our households. We track milestones by them (remember how old Sorsha was when we got our first house?). We watch our kids grow up next to them. We include them in every joy and challenge, triumph, and heartache.

When they leave us, it can be difficult. However, remembering them in some way can ease that pain. That’s what National Pet Memorial Day is all about. While simply recalling fond memories of your pet and the times you shared together, others may want—or need—to do something more.

It may be helpful to honor your pet in a ceremonial way, such as visiting their grave or final resting place with flowers. You could also perform an act of service, such as volunteering at an animal shelter, or donating to a pet charity in the name of your pet. Spending time with other animals, especially those in need, could be bittersweet, but could also help to refocus energies.

While these activities can be comforting, there are those out there that may need help navigating the complexities of the grief of pet loss. Unfortunately, there is a stigma around pet loss in that many do not deem such grief to be “real” or “serious.” Thus, people suffering through this grief often do not make the first move to reach out.

If you know someone who is struggling with the death of a pet, don’t let them go it alone. Be the first to reach out and support them through this difficult time. Pet Perennials has all the resources you need to make the most of these visits. From gifts like our Faithful Angel Figurine and blogs that explain the intricacies of pet bereavement to numerous other resources, we are here to help you extend a hand.

If you yourself are grieving, remember that it is ok to be sad. Everyone deals with pet loss differently. Just remember to have hope and think about the future.

Summer Celebrations

With so many pet-themed holidays in June, there are more reasons than ever to spend some time with your furry friends this summer. From honoring the past to enjoying the present, this month has events and celebrations for everyone.

Have a great month!

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