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A Dad and His Dog: June: Bringing in Summer Right

Remy Bibaud | 01 June, 2021

            A Dad and His Dog June 2021 Pet Perennials

Fun summer Activites by Zack Mancho

With the rainy days of May behind us, Sorsha and I are looking forward to some long days in the sun. In fact, sitting outside in the backyard is one of Sorsha’s favorite activities.

There’s an old tree in the backyard that provides ample shade, and Sorsha whiles the hours away, lounging in the green, plush grass. A herding breed, she’s designed to spend her time out in the pasture with sheep, watching for predators and danger, so hours spent quietly “on alert” are perfect for her. 

However, we’re not going to spend the whole summer just lounging about. Like many people and their furry friends, we’ve got the itch to get out there and enjoy life again. Keep reading to check out some of our summer goals, and maybe take a few for your own list too!


Summer Fun

This summer, Sorsha and I want to:

  • Take a dip at the lake. Many lakes and other natural bodies of water are pet friendly, so do your research and find a place to get your paws wet. Just be sure to brush up on your dog’s swimming abilities, and any special care they may need (like a life vest or maybe some post-water grooming).
  • Can’t make it to the lake? No problem! Get out a kiddy pool, a sprinkler, or the hose. Spray your kids, spray your dog, spray your house, just don’t spray your spouse, or you’ll spend the summer putting an addition on that doghouse.
  • Go for a hike. Again, there are so many trails and parks that are set up for four-legged adventure, so take a look around and lace up those hiking boots!
  • BBQ. There’s perhaps nothing more American (or dad-like) than grilling out back for a neighborhood block party or BBQ, so channel your inner St. Lawrence and fire up that grill. Just be careful what you share with your critters, as lots of picnic food can be dangerous for dogs!
  • Hit the drive-in. The retro appeal of drive-in movie theaters is more than just nostalgia. These businesses are often family-owned, and they are a great way to bring your pack to see a flick. Also, take it from us, you can’t beat a drive-in cheeseburger. 
  • Check out a fair or carnival. These outdoor festivals are often dog-friendly, and have lots to do for you, your family, and even your critter.
  • Finish that book. Maybe I’ll lounge under the tree with Sorsha and put some pages in.
  • Watch some fireworks. America’s Birthday isn’t in June, but you may run into some fireworks or similar shows for Memorial Day. These can be a real blast but watch out! The loud sounds can scare many pets and animals, causing fear, distress, and panic. Fireworks may even cause your dog to run away, so if they seem nervous, be sure to place them somewhere safe and secure.
  • Road trip! America is bursting with National Parks and roadside attractions that are begging for some visitors. Sorsha and I are going to get out there, soak up some Americana, and have a grand time doing it!
  • Surf. I’ve never tried it. Neither has Sorsha. It’s important to try new things and experiences outside of your comfort zone, so why not?


Dear Old Dad

Now, in addition to opening the doors for summer itself, June plays host to a whopper of a national holiday. This year, Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 20th, and Sorsha and I want to encourage you to make this day special for dear old dad.

Every dad is different, but there are a few tricks that are pretty universal. Call him. Spend the day with him. Go outside with him. Make him something tasty!

Fathers are symbols of sacrifice, work, and love. They teach us, they protect us, they provide for us, and they love us. Dad is someone you can depend on; someone you can count on to lend a hand or a shoulder to cry on.

These are qualities worth celebrating, and dads are people worth honoring. This June, take the time to say thanks and “I love you” to your dad.


More in June

June has even more to offer than those activities mentioned above. For example, it’s National Adopt a Cat Month! Make no mistake, Sorsha and I are dog people, but cats definitely have their place in our hearts. June is an especially cool time to have a cat, as you can watch them show off their agility outdoors, climbing trees, chasing critters, and more. The pandemic hit animal shelters hard, so if you have some time, resources, and love to spare, consider adding a purring pal to your household today.

Additionally, June is also National Microchip Your Pet Month. Getting your pets microchipped is the best way to ensure that they find their way home if they ever run away or become separated from you. You’ll have to file the chip with a registry, but after that, locating and retrieving your pet is oodles easier.

Microchipping is simple, effective, and inexpensive, so take the extra care to get them chipped!  

Also, the second week of June is Pet Appreciation Week. Now, we know that we don’t need a designated week to show our animals that we love and appreciate them. However, Sorsha and I do encourage you to use this week as an opportunity to set aside some time for your family and pets. 

Modern life is so fast paced and consuming. We’re all trained by social media and the news to stay glued to our screens. Friends, life does not happen online. Life does not happen on your laptop or your smartphone. Life happens right in front of your eyes, in your hands and on your skin. It’s the feel of sunshine or the sound of your dog panting after a long walk or play session. It’s the laughter of your family and the smile on your face when the moment is so good you just must take an extra minute to breathe it in.

That’s what life is. So, take the time to go make some of those moments, and start living again!


Happy Summer!

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