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A Dad and His Dog: Celebrating Mothers (Dog Moms too!)

Remy Bibaud | 05 May, 2020

            A Dad and His Dog: Celebrating Mothers (Dog Moms too!)

To All Your Pack Mothers Out There: Happy Mother’s Day!

While this blog is all about a dad and his dog, there’s few things Sorsha and I appreciate more than moms. I have some important moms in my life - I’m talking about my beautiful wife, my own mom, and my mother-in-law here - and these women have taught me a lot about strength, patience and grace. Incidentally, these are qualities I wish Sorsha had more of. 

Now I know that COVID woes might be preventing you from seeing mother dearest. Even if that is the case, don’t despair. There’s plenty of things you (and fido) can do to show mom you care.

Deliver Up Some Affection

A vast number of businesses are still operating right now, especially those based on delivery and distribution. For example, there are plenty of flower shops that are up and running, from online businesses to small local gift stores. These companies are most likelycravingyour business, so do them and mom a favor and send some petals and stems.

Is mom a dog lover? Never fear, there are plenty of pet supply companies which will also deliver. Now is a great time to get them a toy they can use inside, or maybe a new leash for all those walks.

A Friend to Battle Loneliness

Many of us have dear old moms that don’t have the blessing of living with dear old dad. If that is the case, then contemplate suggesting adopting a dog. Now is a great time to get a new furry companion. Not only would a dog offer friendship and love, but the right breed can also be a great source of home protection.

So, if you’ve got a lonely mom, now might be the right time to approach her about some four-legged friendship.

Make Her Laugh

Trust me, the best thing you can do for a woman isn’t compliment her - it’s make her laugh. Laughing provides a range of health benefits, and is just plain fun. Best of all, it’s free.

If you’re able to go and see her with the rest of your family, go and make her dinner, and then tell everyone about your favorite funny moments from when you were growing up. It’s the perfect way to laugh, and to show your family the impression your mom has made on you. Sharing these family moments will help them to live on.

If you can’t see your mom because of distance (or social distancing), no worries. Call her up, and as soon as she answers, sing her favorite song at the top of your lungs. Facetime her and have your dog do some tricks for her. Dress your dog up in a stupid outfit. It’s not hard, just get creative! Remember, your mom will appreciate the effort and attention more than anything else.

Special Note - this “make her laugh” tip is especially important if you’re a guy searching for a way to make your wife feel special because your kids are too young to do something for her on Mother’s Day. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

A Good Dog Never Forgets

In all seriousness, remember to show your mom you care this Mother’s Day (it’s May 10th, for those of you who don’t know). Call her. Tell her you love her. Just don’t forget about her.

Happy Mother's Day from Pet Perennials!

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