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A Dad and His Dog: Amped for August

Lori Davidson | 31 July, 2023

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Dog Dad Zack Manko and his dog Sorcha remind us to take care as the dog days of summer are sweltering ones this year! 

It’s a hot one! The sun can feel like a hammer these days, but that doesn’t mean you should be beaten out of enjoying some canine activities. August is jam-packed with more than just the “dog days of summer”, including numerous dog events and pet-based reasons to get motivated.

Pamper That Pup

We know that your dog is “the best dog in the world.” Why not reward them for this majestic status? August 10th is National Spoil Your Dog Day, so pull out all the stops and pamper that pooch!

There are many, many safe and healthy ways to spoil your dog. You could give them extra treats or take them shopping to pick out some new toys or other gear. A nice swim, hike, or round of fetch in the yard is also a great call! Just remember to pick up some Pawsitively Fresh Air Fresheners for your car to get rid of that wet, outdoorsy dog smell.

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If you don’t have the resources to go out and about, remember, nothing beats an extra belly rub.

Back to Dog School

The end of August is the end of summer, more or less (yes, we know it’s technically the middle of September), and this transition is best marked by kids heading back to school. However, this period isn’t just a restart for children. It is a great time for puppies and even older dogs to head back to the classroom as well.

Maybe your canine companion needs to learn some new skills for the fall. For example, perhaps they need leash-trained so you can take some crisp walks (or energetic hikes)? It could be that they could use some help with some basic commands to make fetch more of a game, and less of a hassle. Or maybe you just need them to behave when company comes over?

Many dog businesses, like pet stores, local trainers, and veterinarian offices, offer “back to school” specials at this time of year, too. These limited-window specials are a great deal, so if your Fido needs to learn some new tricks (or brush up on some basic doggie behavior), reach out to a pro for a canine crash course or continuing education.

Summer Safety

Whether you are rewarding that good boy or teaching him some new tricks, remember to play smart this summer. Refresh your memory with some basic high heat health tips.

For instance, always bring extra water for you and your pooch when you are partaking in outdoor activities like hikes or beach days. If you have your dog tethered in the backyard, get a kiddy pool full of water for them to pool down cool down in.

Additionally, be aware of your dog’s activity level. Don’t push them harder than they are used to on hot days. Never leave them in a locked car or closed vehicles in the sun. Asphalt or concrete can hurt their paws if it has been baking all day from the sun’s rays. Similarly, lawns that have been treated with fertilizers could be a hazard for puppy paws.

There are breed considerations as well. Dogs with short, stubby heads, like boxers and bulldogs, do not pant as efficiently as dogs with longer snouts, so pay extra attention to them on hot days. It might be best to keep these critters inside, in the air conditioning.

Keep these tips in mind and your summer activities will be a breeze!

International Assistance Dog Week

The second week of August is International Assistance Dog Week! This event is all about celebrating service dogs and their trainers. These super canines are more than just man’s best friend—they're man’s best helper.

Service dogs go through vigorous and extensive training to help mankind out in various ways. For example, guide dogs assist blind or visually impaired humans. Similarly, hearing dogs aid deaf or hearing impaired people by alerting them to important sounds, such as alarm clocks, a crying baby, or knocks at the door. In the same vein, mobility assistance dogs help their humans by pulling wheelchairs, pressing elevator buttons, and other daily activities.

There are also various types of medical alert dogs, including diabetic alert, allergy alert, and seizure alert canines. These dogs use their enhanced senses to tell when their human is experiencing a medical episode. For example, diabetes alert dogs can smell chemical changes in their human’s blood sugar and can alert them before it drops to dangerous levels.

Additionally, another well-known type of service dog are psychiatric dogs. These canines support people with mental health issues such as PTSD, depression, and other maladies. These critters are not the same as emotional support or therapy dogs, as they undergo even more training to help those with serious mental disorders.

Through all these amazing types of support, it is clear service dogs are exceptional animals. Take some time from August 6-12 to celebrate them in some way.

Pet Memorial Day

Looking ahead to next month, National Pet Memorial Day is September 10th, 2023. Falling on the second Sunday in September, this day is designed to encourage people to remember their beloved pets that have moved on—and to help those they love to memorialize the pets they may have recently lost.

Our mission at Pet Perennials is to help you and your family make these memorials happier and more meaningful through a variety of resources. We have numerous blogs and information sources on pet bereavement and helping those that are going through the grieving process. We also offer various gifts, like our Crystal Rainbow Suncatcher, to help you memorialize your pets.

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Crystal Rainbow Suncatcher

Remember, those that are grieving the loss of a pet may not be able to make the first move in reaching out for help. Take the initiative to offer them a helping hand and shoulder to cry on!

Paws Up for August

Summer isn’t down for the count just yet! August offers plenty of reasons to spend some time with your favorite furry friend or canine companion. Get out there and make the most of it.


Happy August!

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