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TENT SALE - Crystal Rainbow Suncatcher - 3 Pack

Losing a furry friend can be one of the toughest things we go through in life, but with our Crystal Rainbow Pet Memorial Suncatcher, their memory will live on in a beautiful and meaningful way. Here are some reasons why this rainbow suncatcher is one of the best memorial keepsake gifts:

🐱 Handmade Keepsake: This timeless suncatcher is handmade with love and care, featuring angel wings, a cascade of crystals, and a teardrop-shaped prism that represents the tears shed when we said goodbye. 

🐶 Crystal Rainbow: The vibrant colors of this memorial sun catcher are taken from the Chakra system, which promotes emotional, mental, and spiritual healing, as well as represent the colors of the rainbow.

🐶 Significance Explained: The suncatcher comes with a leaflet that explains the significance of each element in the cascade, as well as the basic meaning of the Chakra system and corresponding energy centers in the human body.